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Eplex7 DSP releases Delquart DBS70 - Progressive / Fullon psytrance bassline synthesizer for Windows

Eplex7 DSP

Eplex7 DSP has released Delquart DBS70, what they call a 'Progressive / Fullon Psytrance Bassline Synthesizer VST plugin with transient ringing technology'.

You may have noticed that basses in modern progressive / fullon psytrance, progressive house and other genres of the last days do not sound like classic / old-school bass synthesizers. They have a significant percussive component, and significant ringing transients and trebles, very fast envelopes and knocking percussive dynamics. Delquart DBS70 provides different, new kind of modern basslines with fresh vibes. The plugin contains all necessary features, including a "post-production" part/module included in it.

Delquart DBS70 is not only intended for fullon and progressive psytrance, but can be used in a wide range of dance genres such as: electro house, techno, progressive house, edm / bigroom, trance, rave, tech house, bass house and many others.

Delquart DBS70 contains 12 algorithmic and wavetable oscillators. The plugin also includes the RAX-P90 progressive ringer module, which in intended to give the transients and mid-range parts of the bass punch, ringing, and drive.

In addition, it contains a specialized graphic filter envelope that can be reshape and "drawn" as you like.

The filter section contains 3 analog modeled low pass filters together with a variable analog saturation module that can add density to the sound.


  • Oscillator – Algorithmic and Wavetable types: Analog Saw, Digital Saw, Saw HRM1, Saw DRM2, Vintage saw, Analog Ramp, Digital Ramp, Digital Square, Classic Square, Deep Sine-Saw, Hypersaw, Sci-Fi Saw.
  • With octave and semi-tone settings, fine-tune, phase knob and volume knob.
  • Fast and percussive Graphic filter envelope – user can "draw" his own waveform.
  • RAX-P90 progressive ringer module, which will give the transients and mid-range part of the bass a punchy charge, ringing, spark and drive. With prog ring frequency, ring rate and ringing amount.
  • Amplitude envelope with attack, sustain, decay and envelope amount knobs.
  • Main output module with mono / poly mode selector, portamento knob, output volume knob.
  • Low pass filter with selector: Digital Hardware DSP LP, Classic Low Pass, Acid Vintage Low pass, cutoff and resonance knobs + analog saturation knob.
  • Preset manager with 48 presets for various genres and sub-genres.

Download Delquart DBS70 demo.

Compatibility: Windows 32-bit / 64-bit VST host.

Price: 40 €. There is an introductory price for first 100 customers of: 21,90 €.






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