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Evil Sound Lab

Hail to you, audio-worshipper!

We are the research area of (evil) sounds.

We are inspired by the distortion-like guitar pedals, tube amps and cabinets, other lo-fi gears, field & noises recording and scary sound design.

Our goals are:

  • digitizing existing analog devices and synthesis of new artefacts;
  • creation of high precision tools for our adepts (musicians, mixing and mastering engineers, and other sound and video creators);
  • research of sound nature and methods how influence on it.

Accurate physical modeling, precision mathematics and witching design are the weapons in our arsenal.

Our products are audio plug-ins and tools, samples and impulse responses.

We are the sect of Sound.
We are the Evil Sound Lab.

If you are the same,
become us adept!

p.s. We are opened to any suggestions, requests or constructive criticism!
Please e-mail us to support@evilsoundlab.com to submit a feature request, bug report, question, or other. We will try to answer you as soon as possible, as soon as we can.