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Evil Sound Lab

Hail to you, audio-worshipper!

We are the research area of (evil) sounds.

We are inspired by the distortion-like guitar pedals, tube amps and cabinets, other lo-fi gears, field & noises recording and scary sound design.

Our goals are:

  • digitizing existing analog devices and synthesis of new artefacts;
  • creation of high precision tools for our adepts (musicians, mixing and mastering engineers, and other sound and video creators);
  • research of sound nature and methods how influence on it.

Accurate physical modeling, precision mathematics and witching design are the weapons in our arsenal.

Our products are audio plug-ins and tools, samples and impulse responses.

We are the sect of Sound.
We are the Evil Sound Lab.

If you are the same,
become us adept!

p.s. We are opened to any suggestions, requests or constructive criticism!
Please e-mail us to support@evilsoundlab.com to submit a feature request, bug report, question, or other. We will try to answer you as soon as possible, as soon as we can.

Products by Evil Sound Lab

Latest reviews of Evil Sound Lab products

The King
Reviewed By Futuremotion
December 8th, 2022

I really, really like the tone. Unfortunately, it consistently crashes or bugs out in FL Studio. When it doesn't crash outright, it screws up the mixer with an infinitely positive amplitude spike that will not subside even with a limiter placed after the effect. Hoping for an update that addresses this.

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The King
Reviewed By ErebosGR
September 30th, 2021

With the amount of gain it has, it works fantastically as a preamp. Stick a cab loader after it and you have a very flexible hi-gain amp. Optionally, add a power amp in between, like the Ignite TPA-1, for some added saturation and power tube character.

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The King
Reviewed By Cyaoeu
July 2nd, 2021

The initial settings don't sound great when used as an overdrive but with some tweaking this VST sounds excellent. For use as an overdrive for a VST amp you would want to lower the gain (reign) to 0, set the emphasis frequency (destiny) to the max of 2k and from there do palm mutes while lowering the knob until you find a sound you like. Or, leave it at 2k and raise the Air control at the bottom which gives some RAT vibes for a sound that will cut through any mix and invigorate muddy amps.

The lower mids are not changed with the tone switch at neutral so you just get a tighter bass response and more cutting high mids/treble without messing with the lower mids which is a sound I really like (when compared to tubescreamers for example). There are also a lot of knobs and switches to experiment with.

One thing though, I think there's a bug with the stereo processing of this plugin, it doesn't sound truly stereo and the faders also show that one side has higher volume than the other when stereo is activated, but hopefully this can be fixed. Still an easy five stars from me.

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Reviewed By Skullverizor
November 11th, 2018

Looked neat and I liked the description so I downloaded it. The installation sucks, I tried a few times and it's just more of a pain than it's worth. Why not make it easy to install like 99% of plugins?

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