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Evil Turtle Productions
Van Deinsestr. 4, 7582ZN Losser, The Netherlands

Evil Turtle Productions is the moniker for my personal projects, be it electronics, games or audio plugins. If you want to buy a plugin please go to the Evil Turtle website, as all my plugins are "pay-what-you-want" which is not supported by KVR.

I hope these programs will fuel your creativity and/or projects.

Products by Evil Turtle Productions

Latest reviews of Evil Turtle Productions products

Reviewed By Faydit
November 22nd, 2020

Although the plugin has some disadvantages, which mainly seem to be issues of the real gear, not of the programming itself, it sounds very unique and excellent, if you're looking for vintage tube (amp) tones with a lot of individual character.

The amplifier section sounds fantastic, but it also can – if you wish - sound really noisy without the noise reduction properly adjusted. Great vintage tube amp tones, at higher gain settings you get extremely naturally and musically sounding crunch and even great overdrive tones with the right harmonics, good dynamic reaction and a typical tube saturation.

One of – if not – the creamiest, smoothest tube saturation / overdrive, I've ever heard from a plugin. Usually I complain about too much (digital) harshness of most – so called - tube simulation circuits, I know, especially at higher gain/saturation settings, whether they are amp simulations, equalizers or compressors, here I personally sometimes would like a little more addditional treble bite and rawness, but this additional bite you also can add with the equalizer section, if adjusted as treble booster.

I personally use this plugin mostly with electric guitar, as this amplifier has it's very own, unique sound with a very special character, some early breakup tube amp tone with a lot of sweet, singing sustain and very good harmonics reproduction, also with good dynamic reaction, ranging from clean through crunch to even excellently sounding tube overdrive, which I hardly can compare with any real (guitar) amp, as even most vintage (guitar) amps, I know, cannot produce these kind of tones, modern amps anyway not.

Maybe these tones are comparable to some late 50's, early 60's British audio or studio tube gear or amps (Mullard, Watkins, , , , ), it is neither really a typical Tweed nor a typical Plexi tone. Basically some sort of fuller bodied, harmonically richer and well balanced, very musically sounding vintage tube tone.

The plugin sounds excellent in combination with guitar, but also should work well with other instruments, I think, if you're looking for a lot of vintage voiced tube breakup colouration and saturation.

The tone section works fine, if you adjust it properly, allows good fine tuning, as you can boost or cut individually selected frequencies, obviously the Tone Level control works reverse, boost needs turning counterclockwise, cut turning clockwise.

The limiter/compressor section basically would sound great, but unfortunatey at more intense attenuation settings the output signal increases again, if the input signal gets weaker, so it reacts more like a swell pedal, which in most cases practically is not very useful or the desired result, rather some creative effect, even if this may be the authentic reaction and behaviour of this circuit. Some additional setting options would be useful to be able to adjust this section so, that it works like a typical limiter/compressor.

The three different sections, amplifier, equalizer and limiter/compressor can be activated individually, which is a useful feature.

I also noticed that the signal output is extremely high at higher gain settings, even more with equalizer in boost mode, so an additional master / output volume control would be helpful.

The quality of the tube simulation and the very unique sonic character of this plugin – apart from these smaller issues - are excellent. Nevertheless I think, some people will like this plugin, because of it's unique character, others will not, because of the same reasons.

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Reviewed By madwab
August 30th, 2020

I ordered CrazyRhythm through KVR 8 days ago. Evil Turtle Productions were supposed to send an email with download instructions, but despite further queries to their support email, they haven't responded in any way. KVR has been in touch with me and I have no issues at all with KVR. Whatever is up with the person or people running Evil Turtle Productions however, I'd suggest that people avoid this product until the issue is resolved.

[Updated 4th September 2020. The day after posting the above review (which at the time I gave one star to], I received a link to the product. No explanation was given for the delay. I installed it and tried it out, and I'm perfectly happy with it. It pretty much does what it is described as doing, so I have nothing to add beyond it being straightforward to install and use, and potentially a lot of fun.

I then contacted the seller again, the same day, to say that I would be updating this review and to see if they wanted to add anything. I sent that email to both the support and sales emails. Since then, I've heard nothing.

I've updated the product version in the review window from 'n/a' (because I had no product) to 'unknown' because I can't find a product version, even in the .exe file details panel.

The bottom line is that support seems to be non-existent. If you buy it, you might be able to download it eventually or you might not. If you do, you will have a good product to play with, but if you have any questions, you'll be on your own. Sad.].

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Reviewed By princetown
November 12th, 2018

  1. after playing with it for a few days, i reckon the plug is overall a bit bright, ii found it was a bit over the top, using the three modules is way way to heavy in the range from 5 k upwards, the bottom end thins out, i wouldnt use it as a master chain insert, its way to coloured.
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Reviewed By MPONE
September 7th, 2018

This synth is off to a great start. Despite how simple it looks, it can create an extremely large variety of sounds and tones. It's has its own kinda take on FM, but is as easy to use as a standard subtractive synth. The developer is highly responsive to communication. I gave it five stars because I think with a few more features it can grow into a great synth for a pay-what-you-want offering and because the developer is so responsive.

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Reviewed By Nezzerk
May 17th, 2018

crashed MuLab every time I tried to use it. Emailed Evil Turtle. Nice quick response asking what version of MuLab I use then nothing, Lucky it only cost $6 or I'd be really annoyed.

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Reviewed By jedly
January 8th, 2018

I like this product a lot real nice sounding filters with nice control (or out of control if you like to push things)

Cool inspiring GUI and its great to have a stand alone app MIDI control in this would be the icing.

Oh and AU plugin would be good too.



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Reviewed By jedly
January 8th, 2018

I LOVE OLDCOMMS a lot Great vintage sound great look use it in parallel with Ressoeq is real cool with the Ressoeq barely audible just adding a little extra colour and character gorgeous, the EQ/Filter is very different but real sweet when you get used to it, which doesn't take too long at all.

Stand alone a real plus add MIDI control and an AU version I'd be even more in love with it.

nice one.


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