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My name is Doron Sadja – I'm an artist and educator based in Berlin and Los Angeles. Building electronic instruments has been a part of my performance/installation practice for years, but recently I've started designing instruments to share with others. A lot of my previous instruments are available for free to Reaktor users in the User Library. While I've really loved sharing my instruments with others, its been frustrating to only be able to share them with people who own Reaktor, so I've started this new project – Faded Instruments.

The Faded Instruments design ethos is not to make perfect instruments, but instruments that can offer new ways of thinking about sound or approaches to making music. We'll probably never make a synth emulator or a traditional mastering plugin. Faded Instruments are not 'normal' – their faults and imperfections are the eccentricities that make them unique and fun.

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Slimer FM
Reviewed By cybergenic
June 9th, 2020

5 stars alone for value of unlimited FM mangling of any sound source available to you.

I am using in Logic X and have only pumped raw samples through it with great success.

Can't wait to get some synths and guitars through this thing.

The best nine dollars and nine cents you will ever spend.

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