Faded Instruments

Faded Instruments releases Slimer FM, a simple VST/AU instrument that turns your DAW into a modular FM instrument.

While traditional FM synths provide carrier and modulator oscillators which modulate each other to get complex timbres, Slimer FM is different: it has no modulator – just an audio input. Using simple routing in your DAW of choice, any synth/drum machine/vocals can become the modulator signals.

You can use several Slimers to set up interesting feedback FM systems, and you can even add any effects into the routing chain to create some deep and intense 3 dimensional sounds.

Faded Instruments says:

It's definitely not your 'go-to' FM synth for creating classic FM horns and pads, but it'll turn your whole DAW into an FM synthesizer and open up fascinating sonic potentials.

Price: $9.09.



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