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Reviewed By digitalboytn [all]
October 2nd, 2018
Version reviewed: 2.0.5 on Windows

The B4 II from Native Instruments was the very last x86 plugin in my toolbox and I was hanging onto it until a replacement finally came along...

I tried EVERYTHING out there and nothing hit the spot for me and I can't stand the sampled organs...Truly horrible...

I almost pulled the trigger on the original Blue3 and although it was close, there was no cigar...

But after just a few moments with v2 of Blue 3, I knew that I had finally found the B4 II's replacement....

This organ is wonderful to play and it has that really organic sound of the tonewheel organs...

From angelic purity through to dirty, filthy grime....it's all there...

I just wish I had a double manual keyboard with pedals to capture all of the magic wrapped up inside this plugin...

I remember a few years ago being backstage and watching a keyboard playing with a top international act closing his laptop and taking his B4 II home to the hotel...

I was impressed and I thought..."Man, that is so cool and it sure beats lugging the beast and the Leslie around everywhere"...

Nothing can truly replace a real B3 with a revolving Leslie, along with the service charges and the chiropractor sessions, but GG Audio's Blue3 is the closest yet...

I'm pretty sure that Jimmy is dialing up some soulful sounds on his Blue3 at his Chicken Shack gig in the heavens :).

5 Stars to GG Audio for this magnificent virtual instrument....

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Reviewed By studionoises [all]
August 1st, 2017
Version reviewed: 1 on Mac

This is the very best Organ software period. I either own or have tried most of the organ products on the market and this Blue3 simply blows them all away. It reminds in a way of a Nord that just sounds fast and super quick load. I honestly am so impressed with this product and I load it up on every template. The presets make sense and all just sound freaking awesome. This is a five star product period and considering the low CPU I would say it is clearly first place. GG Audio I am very impressed with your work. I cant imagine not working with this thing now.

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Reviewed By bartley99 [all]
July 17th, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Wow, best Hammond emulation out there. I gave the demo a try expecting to be disappointed and ended up buying it the next day. I gig with it for the first time yesterday. Yep, I trusted my life on v1.0 of a new plugin and wasn't let down.

This is beautiful sounding, very detailed emulation of a Hammond organ. It learned to play keys on a B3 and the attention to detail in this plugin is spot-on. I've tried other sample-based organ plugins they sounded flat, cheesy and couldn't cut through in a band situation. Blue3 nailed it. I played by first gig using Blue3 running in Gig Performer. What a gas to play and my band mates noticed the sound difference especially when I jacked up the drive and put it on hi-gain. Yeah baby, sounded so good you could almost smell the hot tubes.

Being able to select different tone-wheel setups is the coolest. It makes a huge difference in the sound. Leakage, cross-talk, flutter oh my!! I can have the cleanest, purest sound for jazz and then make it sound like it's bounced down the stairs a few time.

I've been playing Nord C2's and C2D's the past few years because of the sound quality and the weight. I've been comparing it to the C2D and Electro emulations and the Blue sound more real to me. I've also been comparing the Blue3 Leslie to the Nord model and two versions of a Ventilator. The Blue3 leslie was better than the Nord and on par with the Ventilator. I prefer a little heavier "whomp" sound on the close settings as I am used to always close micing in shows....as in, I stuff sm-81's as close as I can go to the cabinet. I plan to compare it to a Suzuki SK-2 this week.

Highly recommend that you give this a plugin a try. I hope it makes you smile as much as it does for me. Seriously, go download the demo now.

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