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GuitarML uses machine learning technology to model the sound of real guitar amps and pedals.

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The Prince Pedal
Reviewed By Faydit
December 31st, 2022

Nice sounding, maybe a little bit too bright and digital for my taste. I unfortunately am not really a big fan of the real pedal, as little as one of it's bigger brother (POT, KOT), as they sound much too neutral and meaningless to me.

Also the diode switching did not convince me so much. Promises more than it really keeps, similar to a Timmy.

If I use an SD-1, a Zendrive, Klon Centaur, RAT or OCD, I get some very specific sounds, even from a COT50, which I can like or dislike, but they have their own unique character, while this one just sounds, but nothing more.

I had the original pedal for some time, but soon sold it again, because of this completely colorless, much too neutral, if not to say, too boring sound. Also the harmonics reproduction is poor. It also hardly can be used as tube amp replacement, as it does not offer any individual amp character or dynamics.

Nevertheless a good sounding plugin, if you look for a POT simulation. Also the GUI looks nice.

But what I really find annoying is, that a digital plugin clicks even more than the real analog pedal, if you use the three-way switch. This issue any average programmer should be capable of avoiding, even more, if you can also avoid these clicks in reality with some additional resistors easily too.

Could have been five stars, but because of these annoying, but avoidable and unnecessary clicks only four.

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Reviewed By metalifuxx
July 19th, 2021

Think it sounds pretty good after an initial test. There seems to be a GUI bug when resizing, the amp/channel select switch shrinks to almost not visible but re-appears the correct proportional size if you click on it or in the area its supposed to be in (I'm on Windows 7, Ableton 10).

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Reviewed By Mastartiq
July 11th, 2021

It does the job for what I need, giving me interesting sonic character.

Thank you so much for the plugin.

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