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Reviewed By SumnSumnSumn
February 13, 2021

Definitely a nice tool. I'm super impressed with the ease of use of this plugin. I completed a review and demo on this. You can find it here. https://youtu.be/l3Sl5AL5VgM

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Reviewed By elviecho
February 12, 2021

I've spend half an hour with this amazing tool and the time flew.
A clear, nice Interface, easy to understand, fun to use. Fantastic!
And it's free! Thanks to the developers.

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Reviewed By jonathonholland
September 11, 2020

The sequencers are brilliant but the service from Tadashi is even better. I emailed him about a feature request (ability to save MIDI CC mappings) and a week later he has sent me an updated version of the VST with exactly what I asked for. Combined with my faderfox EC4 I can now use the sequencers as as if they were a hardware sequencer. Absolutely amazing! Fabulous guy.

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Reviewed By theorize
July 20, 2020

First thing I have to say is I've uninstalled most of my synths after purchasing this! I also recently purchased ANA2, which is great but if I will be honest I've only opened it up a few times compared to the fact that I am reaching for HY-POLY every day, even if I don't feel like doing anything musical I'll still load it up and just make a couple sounds for later use. I've never had so much fun with a synth. Like others have said, it is easy to understand, but when you've been doing sound design for a while they all kind of are... for me the real difference is in how fluid it is to use. I find myself not being afraid to undo things that didn't quite work out instead of trying to force something to work, it's just quick and easy to do, no need to twiddle with an OK sound to make it acceptable and getting sidetracked on it just because you don't want to lose the time you put into it. If you already have the kind of sound you are going for in your head than you can achieve it quickly. If you just want to see what comes out then that is rewarding too.

I like the design of the oscillator section, the task oriented workflow is pretty cool and adds to the overall workflow experience for me. The FM in it is pretty fun since you can adjust the base waveshapes that you are using for the FM, it's almost like having a couple extra operators. The feddback FM option is really fun for doing FX type sounds.

To me it sounds really good, I like the filters... they aren't too extreme in any way so for me that makes it versatile, and I really like how the resonance acts if you want to crank it, it doesn't sound to whistley, that always annoys me. The visual feedback on this synth is also really nicely done in my opinion. You can quickly see everything that's going on with the modulation but none of it ever feels distracting, I only notice it when I'm looking for it.

I haven't really done much with the MIDI FX so I can't really comment on that part, but it's really nice to have them in there for when I get around to it.

The FX section is one of my favorite parts: there are a ton of FX you can add and pretty much every aspect of it can be modulated, for me this really makes it shine because these days FX has become such a core part of sound design, no longer are they just an afterthought, for me the FX are just as much a part of the sound as the filter. Having envelopes and LFO's and MIDI modulators at my disposal to shape the FX and have it built into the patch is stellar. I know it's not the first synth do this, but it's the first synth I've seen that does it like this. Speaking of modulation, there's plenty of options there at your disposal. I especially like the "Random" modulator, it generates a random number every time you press a key, I can't wait to get around to seeing what all I can do with that on percussive sounds.

Is it the perfect synth? There's no such thing since synthesis is such a huge topic, but I do think it's the perfect balance of capability versus workflow. If I need something with more capabilities I have options, but honestly I'm usually reaching for HY-POLY. This is a true bread and butter synth that I can't get enough of. I've never felt a synth was more worth my money.

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Reviewed By ATN69
June 21, 2020

This synth is useful, fun and easy to wrap your head around. Good value for the money. As with all plugins from this developer, HY-POLY has a certain quality to it, and it both looks and sounds great.

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Reviewed By ecologist9
June 19, 2020

Great Synth.

Nice fat sound.

easy and logically set out nice to look at and you want to start making your own sounds immiediately which you can without reading a manual as its so well.

thought out.

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Reviewed By sdv
June 18, 2020

One thing is for sure... it is fun & feature packed! Many of the modulation devices from the sequencer pack are making a comeback.

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Reviewed By Sycopation
January 12, 2020

I am writing this review based on the free version, which is a stripped down version of the paid version.

This is a pretty decent delay, speaking generally, and this a really, really nice delay for being free. Definitely one of the nicest free delays I know of, and I have tried scads of them.

It has an internal ducker, which is awesome. Also a limiter at the end of the "chain." It is stereo (L & R), and each can be set in sync mode or in milliseconds, and they can be linked. It goes up 3200 ms, which is longer than many if not most delays allow. Overall output can be panned (though not L and R individually). Overall feedback (not per side). 3 band EQ - lo cut, hi cut, mids (all 3 with variable freq and gain). Even with all modules engaged, I can't get it to crack 1 on CPU, so it is extremely CPU efficient.

It only comes with four presets, none of which I find very useful, but hey, it's free, and you can create as many of your own as you want.

Just a few complaints / suggestion for improvement:

*It has a mix knob (instead on one for wet and one for dry). Hy-Delay 3 had a separate knob for each, which I think is highly preferable.

*I wish you could have the option setting the delay times in milliseconds by typing it in.

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