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Products by Istvan Kaldor

Latest reviews of Istvan Kaldor products

LightBag II
Reviewed By Tea
March 23rd, 2004

There are lots of free organ VSTs out there, all of which - being completely ignorant of programming - I'm pretty impressed by. LightBag (?) stands out though, not just for the degree of its authenticity (which is not fantastic, but is pretty good in parts) but for what you can do with it, as demonstrated by the excellent collection of presets. There are lots of usefull knobs and buttons to twiddle, all of which make an immediate difference to the sound, and the interface, like the sounds, is satisfying, unpretentious and appealing. There is also an excellent manual in .pdf. I've not needed customer support, though there is an email address supplied on the download page, and so far it hasn't shown any signs of instability. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this, and it definately comes recommended.
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Reviewed By duncanparsons
May 30th, 2003

Having tried things like morphiza and ZR3 (B4 is out of my reach!) I wondered what this would be like... Actually - very impressed!

It has the grunt and growl that you need for those Thijs Van Leer/Sylvia impressions! I really like it, and it has pride of place in my 'favs'.

the presets are good - nice variety demonstarting what can be done with the plug.

wrt stability of sound.. depending on how you look at it, either variable or excellent: it doesn't crash, but there is the 'randomness' of an overdriven hammond with grit on the teeth - and I like it that way.

It does clean sounds too, but the dirty is where it excels, the distortoin unit is well honed.

If you need an organ, you could do far worse then this..
Start saving those pennies!!
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Reviewed By warbug
February 6th, 2003

i absolutly love the sound of this organ, dirty grimey and yet tastey.

the gui is pretty self expalanitory, if youever used an organ type plugin

the sound is good is youlike trashey sounding organs

i was able to squeeze some unorgan like sounds out of it

very little docs

the presets are good you can start using this synth is songs right away in songs.

never delt with customer supprt but the creators seems like a nice guy form his posts.

a very good value for the money ...FREE!!!

the stability has vastly improved since the first release; no you can actually play chords!!

if you enjoy Organs do not pass this one by.
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Reviewed By mistertoast
January 22nd, 2003

I live in a small house, and about a year ago we ditched our big old organ for lack of space. I don't miss the old beast much anymore, thanks to Dirtbag. I love the sounds I can get--even some I can't get out of an organ.

There are lots of great organ plug-ins now. I'm not going to pick a favorite, but I have no complaints about this one. Top-notch on the customer service--the author bug-fixed and added features right before our eyes here on KvR.
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Reviewed By AndreasE
January 13th, 2003

Only the second review for such a good FREE instrument?

This thing is really sounding like the 60´s organs (Keith Emmerson and the Nice, Gary Brooker and Procol Harum, Deep Purple, Doors, Steppenwolf, ...) - phantastic and the presets are nice.

Customer support is outstanding because within two days there were three new versions with fixed bugs and some new features.

I´m very impressed of that instrument except for the somewhat high CPU consumption (but it´s a SE synth).
The absence of a documentation isn´t a problem, I think, because that organ isn´t really difficult to program.
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Reviewed By pough
January 7th, 2003

There are a few technical glitches (unless, of course, they're features) but otherwise this little VST grabbed me by the balls and made me squeal in pleasure. The sounds are full, raw and sexy.

To put it in totally untechnical terms, if B4 is a $200 meal and some restaurant that would NEVER let me in, Dirtbag is a delicious breakfast served with love to a starving person. I have no idea what that means, other than I'm hungry right now.

There seems to be a little feedback loop happening on some of the presets, but I imagine it can be fixed easily enough... unless it's meant to be there. This is the Dirtbag, after all. Cleanliness is next to uselessness, maybe.

Worth a try. Some fantabulous sounds come out of this thing, in my opinion. And I also own B4...

A few notes on my ratings... some of them are low because this thing is free (no docs that I've seen... maybe I should look harder), I haven't received a response yet about the glitch thing (haven't been waiting long, mind you) and there aren't too many presets... but it doesn't need very many. This thing is not making an attempt to be all things to all men.

UPDATE: problems have been fixed and new features added! The only thing lacking now is docs, but he has most of the main features listed on his website.
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Latest News from Istvan Kaldor

DirtBag v1.3 released
November 1, 2002