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J74 Progressive
Reviewed By dgzl
January 11th, 2016

Very impressed with J74 Progressive, the tool is very well thought out and has many layers of features (including the Chord Explorer which translates individual MIDI notes to chords and not only was this a bonus to find within this tool, J74 has built this in a way that offers many different chord variations and is very easy to use [including built in mappings for the Novation Launchpad and standard piano keyboards]).

Being someone with limited music theory knowledge, I am stoked to be able to throw some chords straight from Progressive into Ableton clips and jam right away. I also purchased the J74 Bassline device which works hand-in-hand with Progressive and was also just as easy to have up and running and gave me some great ideas for basslines to add to the jam.

I would rate myself as beginner level knowledge with Max for Live devices so there was a bit of a learning curve, but I managed to get jamming fairly quickly and barely looking the documentation and video tutorials (and from a second look at the video tutorials, they are done nicely too so I'm keen to have a closer look at these).

Progressive (actually all J74 devices) also comes at a great price and after recently having a lot of hit and miss experiences with other MIDI note to chord devices, I am more than happy to have bought this, in fact I consider it a bargain.

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