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KR-Delay FS

Reviewed By sleepyhead16 [all]
April 23rd, 2021
Version reviewed: R1.2.0 on Windows

i love this plugin.
I have never found a delay plugin as complete as this one.
The only negative aspect that I see is that it does not save the current preset in fl studio 20 (I mean that if you use it in a project, when closing and reopening that project all the parameters have not been saved... each parameter always returns to the default position),
I do not know if it is a limitation for being a free plugin ... but it is something quite annoying.

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KR-Reverb FS

Reviewed By Candiety [all]
April 30th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows

This is a great plugin but it doesn't seem to be working on windows 10 when using Ableton 10. Does anybody know a fix?

Edit: Fixed! I've got no idea why its working now, but the 64-bit v1.5 version that didn't work, now works on Ableton 10.1.5 & Win10 1909. I've got no idea if either of them are the reason, and I had previously tried numerous different ways to get the seemingly very same 64-bit v1.5 version working on this very same system, and I know others have had the same problem.

To fix it, go to the KResearch website and register/login, download the rar file for this (free) plugin and extract it. The 64-bit windows version will have two folders called cKR-ReverbFSVSTx64, with the second folder containing the KR-Reverb FS.dll. Just copy both folders to your VST directory, and for me at least, currently, it once again works.

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Reviewed By ontol [all]
May 23rd, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.61 on Windows

Problematic installer (unclear installation instructions--the readme gives different instructions than the manual, neither way installs the product enough to satisfy the product manager for activation), never could activate due to "missing files", no support replies, but fairly standard and ok reverb unit.

Took a chance and spent $10 in a Guitar Center Clearance; understand why it's on clearance now.

Writing off the ten bucks, uninstalling. Too many alternates to waste time trying to fix this.

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KR-Reverb FS

Reviewed By syrupcore [all]
January 1st, 2013
Version reviewed: 10.7 on Mac

I love this reverb. I mostly use it for long washed out reverbs of the ambient or shoegazer variety. Beautiful and simple. Controls are easy to use and you'll get good results almost immediately. I wish I could justify the expense of its big brother reverb as I'm sure that one rules as well. Still, I love the limited options on this one - helps me get it dialed in and moving on.

Works well in both Logic and Reaper.

KVR wants another 50 characters to submit this so I'm just gonna type here for a second. Don't mind me.

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