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Latest reviews of LoftSoft products

Reviewed By yasodanandana
April 7th, 2002

very good sounds, very similar to attack, and for me, more predictable and controllable, the only thing that annoys me a little is that you have to play each drum sound in a different midi channel
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Reviewed By realmarco
December 10th, 2001

this thing doesn't work at all...it doesn't follow your keyboard...so I give this one a 1 on a scale of ten....weird.

Oops my bad! (december 12,2001)
Dave at muon showed me how to use it...you press on the middle C and you press any other note on the left its like you fret the string with your right keyboard hand and pluck with your left keyboard hand...

Cheers Dave !

Sorry CES i guess its pretty good for freeware , sorry about that...any chance of updating this puppy with a gui and better sounds and usability ?

7 out of ten
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