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Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on September 24th, 2002
Version reviewed: 9.1 on unspecified OS
i like simple sounds and instruments that do not do a lot of things. This DX10 reminds me of my old YamahaCX5 and FB01, it is surprisingly versatile punchy and dynamic. It is possible to push it in some way beyond the "limits", there are some settings that do unpredictable and strange things.I have programmed some great dance basses, analog sequencer type sounds and some drums (BDs and HATs)..... anything comes from mda is great!!
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on July 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: 9 on unspecified OS
It's brilliant. I have played a true PPG, i have experienced also the infamous crashes and lock ups. This VST instrument, for me, is an exact reprodution of the real beast without the problems and with some nice adds, like the midi sync. The sound is great and it not possible to achieve bad results. Of course, like all complex and versatile instruments, we have to struggle a little to obtain certain simple sounds, like modern techno basses and mooglike leads (remeber Muon Tau, Quadrasid and the Rebirth Basslines).

But if we try, it is possible to "make it simple" also on our PPG: remember to avoid all the doublings and detunes.

Arpeggiator is very useful and nice, the interface is great. For the "no name" presets, is it difficult to listen them in a half an hour and to write something? I use PPGwave everytime for all, pads, basses, "sequencers", bells and i have also programmed and sampled some 808 type drums.

I would like to have a more versatile "stereo" mode and continous detuning, some "smooth morphing" for the wave shiftings and the choice to load my sampled waves (like PPGwaveterm or WaldorfWave) but perhaps these could lead too far from the original PPG.
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on July 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: 9 on unspecified OS
Not bad, but MDA guys have not beaten their amazing Piano. The structure is the same of Piano, the dynamics and the articulation, are very well represented but, for me, the problem is the samples, there is something that does not work with the attack of the sound, it is, for me, too cold and electronic. If i were a good programmer i would like to "crack" MDA electric piano and to try to put, in his good structure, some samples of a Rhodes Suitcase that i use sometimes.
MDAepiano is decent, helped by a better overdrive and tremolo it works, but in this case i would stick on my very simple patches on Halion, the humble Vsampler or Roland S750 made with a little VCF response on dynamics, adding MDA overdrive and a little Supaphaser, WITH VERY SHORT looped samples, but RESPECTING more the attacks of the original Rhodes.

I also have the same stability problem of the other mac rewiever
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on July 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: 9 on unspecified OS
There is nothing like a real piano, this is so important in our western music that is impossible to be completely satisfied with synths or samplers.

But we have some standard in electronic music with "not so real" piano emulations that have become familiar and fashion with musician and listeners, think of Roland U20/220 and P330, Korg M1, all Kurzweil, some EMAX and AKAY s1000 etc.
Now MDA sets a new standard, i have recognized it in some late dance hits. It sounds so good, surprisingly for it's 1,2 meg (in mac), that i have completely dropped my big, hundreds meg, halion/akay pianos. As in all good real istruments emulation the samples are not the only aspect to care, the fundamental thing is to reproduce the dynamic response and the articulation of the source and MDApiano has got them. The user interface could be more nice and clear, but i do not care too much, with these few controls it is easy to learn. MDApiano could be a great value also if MDA decides to sell it instead of giving it free!!!
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on June 23rd, 2002
Version reviewed: 9 on unspecified OS
I cannot resist to join the people who is deeply appreciating this instrument

its good and it's not a big load for the computer

i am also a "programming maniac" but i had simply to surrender to the excellent sounds

i like also this style, "little" VSTi specialized not all round boring and heavy instruments (i liked so much DelayLama!!!!)

dreams? yes!!!!!! an accordion/indian harmonium machine!!!!!
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on June 13th, 2002
Version reviewed: 9.2 on unspecified OS
delay lama is extremely nice and, important thing, it is "new", i hope that, from now, we will see the birth of other synts based on vocals and singing.
The only criticism is for user interface: the monk's animation is very funny and, apparently, is not "power consuming", but i find a little confusing the XYmatrix for the parameters, also i do not like so much the use of the pitch bend for the "wovel" control, i would like to "bend" the notes and to have control on the LFO.
i think that the delay is almost useless, we have many delay plugins, commercial or freeware, but how to make the funny joke "delay LAMA" without it?
So add if you want some "randomness" or a modulation option, to imitate some ancient echo machines or to program some chorus/flanger ffxxs......... this would be in line with the "ancient" character of this plugin..

In my wish list there could be also the poliphony, but, perhaps i am asking too much!!
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on May 17th, 2002
Version reviewed: 9.1 on unspecified OS
It works very well but the filter are unusable, the idea to have a "light" plugin is very nice but could be better to have an "edit" button (something like absynt, if i remember correctly) to load the "editing" software........ no problem to open Vsampler "editor" together with cubase, but you have to save before loading in the plugin. (i use this plugin very often, i have done many patches.....)
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on May 17th, 2002
Version reviewed: 9.1 on unspecified OS
3 operators are not a lot, the sound is not so complex, definitely very far from FM7 or other similar "big synts", but the sound could be sufficiently "fat" and "overdriven" thanks to the feedback on every oscillator. But the grat thing of this plugin is the simple but effective (and addictive!!) sequencer, you can trigger powerful techno riffs with one finger............ this sequencer is so strange to help composing "new" things, but not too difficult and complex to be useless and too heavy in terms of processing power.
Reviewed By yasodanandana [read all by] on April 7th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on unspecified OS
very good sounds, very similar to attack, and for me, more predictable and controllable, the only thing that annoys me a little is that you have to play each drum sound in a different midi channel