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Reviewed By yasodanandana
May 17th, 2002

It works very well but the filter are unusable, the idea to have a "light" plugin is very nice but could be better to have an "edit" button (something like absynt, if i remember correctly) to load the "editing" software........ no problem to open Vsampler "editor" together with cubase, but you have to save before loading in the plugin. (i use this plugin very often, i have done many patches.....)
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Reviewed By M_W_N_P
November 24th, 2001

VSamp is great value for money, and it works well.

It's very easy on the CPU, and I have never seen it crash.

The built-in soundfont convertor is a big plus, and registered users also get access to a private FTP server with a good selection of pre-made VSamp instruments available for download.

I use VSamp all the time. It's a functional, efficient sample player, which I'd recommend to anyone.
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Reviewed By
November 4th, 2001

well, the vsamp is more than a sample player. i think it is the greatest lowcoast alternativ to some "right" samplers like giga or halion. use it together with an sample editor like the great shareware dSound-pro you´ll have a best sounding low cpu and very stability sampler for your vsti studio. his compatybility with soundfont offers you an unlimited samplepool on the net.
i love it!!!
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Reviewed By
October 28th, 2001

One of the most underrated instruments around, VSamp is offering an easy solution to people who just need a plain softsampler with a no-fuss interface and a totally low CPU usage. The VST implementation is easy to use and does just what it has to do, play sounds.

After i saw it in use the first time i just ordered it straight from their webpage and have not really looked back. For me it was more important to be able to have a steady workflow and use alot of samples at the same time instead of bouncing to disk every half an hour like it tends to be with the other competitors in this field.
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