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Reviewed By jwise
August 20, 2016

I recently bought Levels after the guys at MasteringTheMix started publishing some detailed videos regarding just what Levels was all about. As I started to understand LUFS, dynamic range, the stereo field, and how bass might be crowding my mix, I could "SEE" how my song was going to be heard by others. While I liked what I heard before I started using Levels, I didn't know how badly I was abusing the compressor and not using the EQ to my advantage. Levels has been a great learning tool for me. I'm certainly not a professional, I'm hardly yet an amateur, but I do love learning how to make music and how to make it better. While we all have pain thresholds regarding how much money we want to spend on our hobbies, crafts, and interests, this valuable tool will find a permanent place on your mastering bus after you realize that it's really a great investment in your knowledge and quality of sound.

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