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6030 Ultimate Compressor
Reviewed By juliandoe
December 9th, 2019

This unit contains a lot of well designed and good sounding compressors. Every single compressor has his own distinct voice and it's very easy to use. Low latency and low CPU usage make this plugin perfect to be part of your signal chain. The compressor selector on the side allows you to change compressor easily and quickly so you can A/B different compressors and make quick decisions.

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Analog Channel
Reviewed By behemoth_nmg
November 27th, 2017

A go to plugin that I personally love, provides warmth and punch, very easy to use, great for drum and guitar bus, interface is clean and well layed out.

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AE600 Active Equalizer
Reviewed By behemoth_nmg
November 27th, 2017

A versatile and powerful plugin. The flexibility and options are unmatched for a plugin of this type. Soundwise, it keeps the high quality McDSP tradition of providing a bit of magic engineering to any track our bus.

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