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It doesn't work on my system, Catalina. The dev is helpful and responsive but unfortunately is insisting it does work... Waste of my money :(.

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I paid a whopping 7 US dollars for this. It works flawlessly and cured my Reaper woes with dealing with hardware CC resets while looping. It's laid out just like the synth....turn a knob on the synth, VST knob turns.....turn a knob on the vst, synth knob.....well, haha. Works great. My only request would be that the Voice Mode parameters were available and some of the menu edit functions, like portamento, etc, could be accessed.

Big thanks to the developer.


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It's perfect tool.

If you run it as a VST can memorize the patch you created inside the project.

When you re-open that project it loads the patch to JP-08 back.

Great work.

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