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Mac Compatibility:

At this time Nomad Factory does not support Catalina, nor Big Sur.

Nomad Factory is a major plug-in company founded by the late Bernie Torelli, an internationally recognized recording engineer, producer and composer whom worked in Paris, Montreal, and Los Angeles with legendary musicians and artists such as Stanley Clarke in Los Angeles, Michel Polnareff in France, Marie Carmen in Montreal just to name a few. His work has garnered praise from numerous leading industry magazines, including Mix and Pro Audio Review. Bernie was nominated for a Grammy Award for mixing Cab2 "Best Contemporary Jazz Instrumental Album".

In 2001, focusing on experience acquired through over 25 years of analog engineering, Bernie started developing products reminiscent of 60's and 70's technology. The Blue Tubes Bundle was born. As an engineer working at Track Star Studios in San Diego, California, Bernie quickly replaced the studio's standard plug-ins with his own. A host of top notch player's passing through could not help but notice the amazing sound quality, combined with user friendly features. After being asked over and over if these products were available on the market, in mid-2002 Nomad Factory became an official company selling audio plug-ins on the Internet.

Nomad Factory's product line counts over 120 products today that include Award Winning plug-ins, such as, the Blue Tubes Bundle, Magnetics Bundle, Analog Mastering Tools, British Bundle and many more...

In January 2016, Plugivery Distribution took over Nomad Factory's business following the sad passing of long time friend and partner Bernie Torelli. Since they acquired the company, Plugivery maintained the product line and launched 5 best selling plug-ins inspired by Bernie's notes for upcoming products that included: Bus Driver, 80's Spaces, Analog Studio Rack, Garbage LSD and Drum Tools.

New products will shortly see the light of day with Bernie's graduate assistant Maxence Grandidier as lead developer. Assisted by new, young and talented developers, Maxence, with a solid team of staffs at Plugivery, is surely the man to keep the spirit of the legendary Nomad Factory brand.

Products by Nomad Factory

Latest reviews of Nomad Factory products

Analog Signature Gate Expander
Reviewed By majid.ahmed
January 21st, 2023

The expander isn't available to download, no response received from Nomad customer support. I can't use the product.

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Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack
Reviewed By Strong4Life
January 17th, 2023

Could not argue with the sale price, you really are getting a lot for $29.

Sound wise these are good, there are plenty of analogue modelled plugins out there and I don't feel like these stand out particularly nor do they sound bad just nothing to write home about.

The only problem I have (which I really should have checked before hand) is the lack of scaling, the GUI is tiny and is likely why I wont be using them much, my bad for not checking.

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80s Spaces
Reviewed By TS-12
January 13th, 2023

Amazing amazing reverb!! Especially obviously for 80s, synthwave, retro and even modern drum reverbs. I spend lots of days trying to get that 80s gated reverb but was never completely satisfied until I got this reverb. This gets me instantly excited and inspired to produce and mix. Oh and there are so many different reverbs in here, I can't imagine how much time they took to sample all of those reverb units. This is a must have!! Thank you so much Nomad Factory.

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Blue Tubes Equalizers Pack
Reviewed By Trevor Weber
January 8th, 2023

A little over a decade ago things were very different, it almost seems like a different planet. I wasn't used to hearing people say DAW, and I had a lot of VST plugins that I thought were free. Everyone was passing software around and I was so broke back then, there's no way I could have paid for it. I always said that If I am able to afford it, I will buy all of the plug ins that I used the most. I remember using the blue tubes bundle quite often and it's one of the last things on my list. I'm pretty sure Nomad Factory makes good stuff and I'm not just a sucker for the GUI.

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Blue Tubes Equalizers Pack
Reviewed By DiBase
January 8th, 2023

Yes they are good. Not as in Arturia perfection but they do the work at a fraction of CPU cost in comparison.

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Drum Tools
Reviewed By DiBase
December 8th, 2022

Also this is maybe not the best on the Market there is but it is sufficient and does well enough for what it is. Grazie.

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Analog Studio Rack
Reviewed By DiBase
December 8th, 2022

It's nice and well made. Good presets. Maybe there are better ones on the Market but I like Nomad so that's what I opted for. Thanks guys for letting me have this.

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Reviewed By madwab
November 13th, 2022

I spotted this easy to miss product in the current sale, price US$29. At first glance it was just another bundle of effects, but the claim of sixty-four of them caught my eye: unless the quality was very low, that alone would be worth the asking price. Then I spotted the LFOs: modify any effects parameter using up to eight LFOs. OK, you have a sale. Then I saw the bit about VSTs: load any of your own VSTs into it too. Sold.

I bought it, I installed it. The effects seem pretty good - I mostly use it for guitar with some distortion so I haven't worked out if the sound is 'quality', but first impression is it's very good. Not as many presets as I'd have liked, but they seem varied and good quality. In the LFO section there are also eight 'MSEGs', not something I've heard of before but they look like LFOs with a more user definable shape rather than just sine, triangle etc. Want a filter with its resonance controlled by an irregular square wave? Easy.

Magma is VST2 only, so it won't scan VST3 plugins. Effects are assigned in up to four banks of four; a routing section defines which order these banks take effect: series, parallel etc, there are six options. Any effect slot can be a 'VST chainer' which can contain up to eight external plugins, from whence they can be edited, muted or solo'd. That's also where plugin folders are defined.

Even at full price this is a steal. At the sale price, it's a no brainer. The only other product I have that is comparable is Blue Cat's Axiom, which takes the external VST concept to an extreme - it's more powerful, more complex and more expensive and, as the name implies, aimed at the guitarist. I like Axiom. I also like Magma.

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