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Novation, Windsor House, Turnpike Road, High Wycombe, Bucks HP12 3FX, United Kingdom

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Reviewed By viraven8
January 26th, 2023

Simple but very effective. This plugin was on my wishlist back in the day, and I'm happy it became free. Has a unique amazing sound. I highly recommend for psytrance music.

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January 17th, 2023

Simple, but yet powerful synth.

Suitable for EDM genres, especially classic trance.

Underestimated imho, could be used among modern synths and to add cool vibe.

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Reviewed By gdev1981
December 6th, 2010

This is a classic synth I bought a few years ago for a good price and have never regretted it.

The sound is good for the price and overall the synth represents really good value for money.

It is easy on the CPU and fairly versatile - featuring limited FM, Hard Sync and some other pretty cool features.

I like this synth and it sounds good for some lead sounds etc.

The only thing I would say is that it would benefit from oversampling and better preset management as it is pretty old skool in that respect (as it was probably intended to be - like the K-station).

I would recommend it for people who make trance etc and want something for leads etc on a limited budget or with limited CPU resources.

In summary, it is a simple synth that is easy to program, has useable presets and offers good flexibility for it's price.
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Reviewed By BONES
August 13th, 2008

I bought this because it was going for $69 + postage, which made it hard to go past. It sounds exactly like the hardware K-Station I used to own but is much, much easier to use. The GUI is very well thought-out and looks slick, too.
What I really like about this synth is that, like Korg's software, it has excellent sound quality but is not over-burdened with a million features that get in the way of getting the most from it. it is very easy to get really good sounds from its three fat oscillators and silky smooth filter. The effects are handy and offer more than you might expect, given the lack of fine control.
There are a lot of presets but not much imagination has gone into naming them. I'm not a preset person so I haven't really listened to many of them But this synth is so easy to use your time is much better spent doing your own thing.
Overall it is a well-balanced package with high quality components [oscillators and filter] with enough features to let you do a lot with them. At full-price it was a little expensive but for $69, you'd be crazy not to take the plunge.

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Reviewed By JimmiG
October 9th, 2007

This is one of the greatest strengths of this synth. The GUI is sweet to look at, but also very clean, functional and easy to use. The Main page contains most of the things you'd need to tweak, and keeping other features on separate pages reduces clutter. The knobs and buttons don't have tooltips, but the name and value of the parameter is displayed in the virtual "LCD" display and idicated by a virtual "LED Ring".

I bought this after selling my Novation Nova hardware synth, because I missed the smooth analogue Novation sound. Well, now I once again have that sound! It's really very similar, including the filter overdrive and DoubleSaw waveform. The effects also sound similar though they lack some features from the classic Novation synths.

This is a bread and butter virtual analog synth, and it does that job very well. There are some limitations, though. While the Nova had highpass and bandpass filters in 12db, 18db and 24db flavours, as well as a number of extra parallell and serial combinations of filters, the V-Station only comes with one LP filter, switchable between 12db and 24db. Also, the modulation routing capabilities are a bit limited. You can't freely assign LFO's (LFO2 can't modulate osc pitch, LFO1 can't modulate filter frequency or res for example), and there's only one Mod Env. Also, the limitation of 8 voices seems a bit restrictive when today's CPUs can handle much more. If you choose to use 4 voices in unison mode, the synth becomes duophonic, for example. This is a shame as some very powerful string arrangments would have been possible if more voices were available. The arpeggiator also loses the hundreds of preset and user patterns available on the Nova, which seems a bit backwards as PC's have much more RAM than the old Nova synth.

I've almost nevver looked at the docs because the synth is so self explanatory, but they seem very well written. Combined with the clear and user friendly layout, this makes it a great learning tool for those who are new to analog synthesizers.

Basses: Check, Synced Leads: Check, "Phat" Danze Soundz: Check, Arpeggios: Check, Pads and Strings: Check. You get most of the basic bread and butter analogue sounds you might need, but with few surprises. They aren't categorized at all, but the list of factory presets is mercifully short. You really need to program your own sounds to take full advantage of this synth.

Never had to use it but I've only heard got things from others who have

The plugin is very stable and has never crashed under XP SP2 and Cubase SX3. The plugin consumes about 10% CPU with effects and 8 voices active on my Athlon64 3500+. This is higher than some of the most efficent synths, but still very good. The sound quality is excellent and very close to its hardware counterpart, which justifies this CPU usage. In these days, when some plugins consume 60% CPU for one voice, this is very refreshing.

There are tons of freeware, shareware and commercial virtual analog synths available. There's no reason in particular why you should by this synth, but then again, there's nothing in particular against it. If you do buy it, you'll get a solid instrument, that despite lacking a few advanced features, will probably become one of the first synths, hard or soft, you reach for when you need an analogue-style sound in your song. If you've owned (or still do) a Novation synth and you're familiar with the sound, you'll be happy to know that this little plugin has the same sound. Finally, this is a great synth for those who are just getting into synths, with room to grow as your skills and techniques improve.
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Reviewed By bongodrums
February 19th, 2006

I sat up all night until the very late early (!) hours of the morning just drooling over the sound that was coming out of this thing.

It sounds as good as *any* hardware I've ever heard. The filters really are liquidy-smooth.
It is capable of perfect vangellis sounds,arps,strings so another words it is perfect for all types of dance music!

Lush. Exotic. Quality. Throw any great superlative at it!

If I were to ever buy a hardware VA hardware synth I'd definately pick up one of these (the K-Station).
This softsynth is really well laid out. Each specific area has it's own flip-screen so you don't have everything just crammed into the one page.

The effects are of really good quality, and it seems really quick and easy to get the kind of sound out of it that you want, unlike many other softsynths that seem to be lacking a certain logic flow. I really like the way the most important FX settings can be quickly changed.

Overall, you can't go wrong with this if you're into dance music, or ambient electronica.
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Bass Station
Reviewed By bluey s
November 9th, 2005

I purchased this in the hope that it would replace my hardware Bass station rack. My very first impression was that it did indeed sound like a BS.
The dissapointment came when I loaded some sysex patches from my songs and sustituted the plugin for the real thing. The patches sounded quite similar but not quite right.
As a test i began creating patches on the hardware and then transfering to the plugin. They were never quite right. I thought it might be the transfer process, so I tried to manually create the same patch on the hardware and Plugin. It was never quite right. Static patches with no movement were close enough. Dynamic patches sounded much better on the hardware (I have had my BS for 9 years so am very familiar with the sound and programming).
When you sweep the filter on the hardware the sound passes through various timbral changes that give you that goose bump effect. The plugin is linear and lacks the organic beauty of the original.
I would say without hesitation that the plugin is clearly an inferior sound source to the original.
I am not nit picking either, the difference is clearly audible and if the original had sounded like this I don't think it would have reached the classic status that it enjoys.
It has it's uses but is a not so close second place to the original.
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Bass Station
Reviewed By dj ray
November 7th, 2005

Once again, Novation make all us classic gear hunter’s dreams come true with a reincarnated software version of their dinky, yet much loved Bassstation synth. For anyone that’s used the real deal, this puppy is identical in terms of sound and layout, even down to being able to load up original ‘Station presets. Yes it’s monophonic, but hey, it’s called a BASS station for a reason. If its analog style basses you’re after, this does the job and then some. From Moog to 303, the 'station makes all sorts of vintage bass noises, and what noises! You get warmth, you get presence, and you get filth! Everything one could want from a bass synth! Leads and FX are also well catered for, and if you can’t find what you are looking for in the presets, it’s a cinch to cook up your own using the ‘vintage’ interface. The best thing Novation have done however, is make this a supremely CPU efficient little plug! I mean you can load up a whole bunch of these babies with hardly a dent in the system. This can easily become your main bass workhorse, and is destined to become a classic in its own right!
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