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About Plugivery

Instant Download Distribution Service

Plugivery is a B2B (business to business) distribution service whose purpose is to introduce audio software products into hundreds of music stores all around the world while offering the right tools that will help dealers sell more audio plug-ins in their store. We have worked hard, for over two years to write and design the site (both the front and back-end) carefully considering every need of a truly professional distribution service based on electronic delivery.


The name Plugivery comes from the combination of the words "Plug-in" and "Delivery". It is an Instant Download Distribution Service that aims at helping audio dealers sell more audio software in the store or on their website.

Plugivery aims at being a useful bridge between audio manufacturers and audio dealers. Many great plug-in developers are not represented in music stores simply due to a lack of distribution. Traditional distributors don't carry small (or even big) audio developers products because they are too "virtual" and do not fit in the traditional distributors business model. Distributors usually send out "physical" products (boxes) to dealers.


Plugivery offers a full line of services which helps both audio manufacturers and audio dealers in their daily tasks.

Plugivery takes over the first line of customer support with a finely tuned support ticket infrastructure. We have been already providing this service for several years taking away a lot of work for audio developers. Dealers won't need to follow-up with technical support, that will be handled by Plugivery and the concerned audio developers(s).

We have extensive experience in getting the most from our marketing dollars and in exploiting the new possibilities of the "social networks" now available. We have an established reputation for being innovative and being "high profile" in our industry.

Products by Plugivery

Latest reviews of Plugivery products

E TubeTape Warmer
Reviewed By HoneyBadger608
May 28th, 2021

has some really nice character. I picked this up in a bundle last year as there were some plugins in the bundle I really wanted and this was a pleasant surprise that ends up finding it's way on quite a few production sessions. Highly recommend when you need a little tube oomph to your sounds. I tend to use it very subtly but you can crank it and get some interesting results if that's what you are going for.

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Blue Tubes Effects Pack
Reviewed By DiBase
May 12th, 2021

Really good quality effects from what I've expierienced.The price was unbeatable with 49$.Thanks Nomad.

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Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack
Reviewed By DiBase
May 10th, 2021

Was a steal for 29$. Great value for the low price. Soundwise the plugins are fantastic. Thanks Nomad.

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Blue Tubes Valve Driver ADR2S
Reviewed By Khr128
October 10th, 2020

It seems to be a very nice plugin, but the Software Activation program that is provided by Nomad is 32-bit, so you cannot activate it on a 64-bit.

Mac anymore. Perhaps Nomad will fix this issue.

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80s Spaces
Reviewed By georgesears
March 20th, 2018

I did a video review for this reverb. Amazing convolution reverb. The first patch gives you that sound you are looking for and that is the selling point of this plugin. Get the demo, load it up on a snare insert and enjoy the trip to 80's. For Synthwave and overall 80's sounding production is this plugin a must.

Video Review

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80s Spaces
Reviewed By BlackWinny
March 12th, 2018

Incredible! By far the very best vintage echo unit plugin. It is the perfect emulation of the legendary Roland RE-201. I know only one other vintage echo unit emulated with the same quality, the Binson Echorec 7TE emulated by the Audiority's Echoes T7E plugin.

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