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At PreSonus, we believe in innovation that removes barriers and creates solutions that inspire everyone to reach their creative goals. Our passion for audio and music is celebrated through our commitment to our customers and our employees. From home to studio to stage, PreSonus is there.


Products by PreSonus

Latest reviews of PreSonus products

Studio One Professional
Reviewed By David Esqueda
April 2nd, 2022

Increible Daw, super creativo y la fluidez de trabajo es de mucha ayuda, gracias KVR por las ofertas que nos ayudan a quienes hacemos musica y apoyamos a quienes nos siguen. Saludos desde Esqueda Producciones Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México!.

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Studio One Professional
Reviewed By Trader One
January 12th, 2022

Small and fast audio editor. Good for mixing and composing. It's not the best for mixing and not the best for composing but it's still very good for daily use.

included effects and instruments are not very good. Just buy some effect starting pack, few instruments and you are good to go.

it doesn't have Cubase / Live feature set for composing or Pro Tools features for mixing.

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Studio One Artist
Reviewed By Duncle22
January 12th, 2022

Wanted to try a new DAW as I was building a new studio. I choice Studio One & I'm glad I did. It has a very clear UI & drag & drop everything means its very easy to learn. A great DAW to get started on..

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Studio One Professional
Reviewed By p.chaffanjon
November 22nd, 2020

Studio One is my favourite DAW by far. After 15 years on Logic, i find in this DAW everything I need. A match between depth and really user friendly interface.

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Reviewed By premusic2
March 4th, 2020

I love this software when comparing with sibelius and finale.The price is low. Easy to compose and there are some hidden features.Those who can't spend more money .This one too good for their needs.As a composer and music teacher .i am enjoying working with notion 6 Software.Only thing need frequent updates. Worth to buy.

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Studio One Professional
Reviewed By kevvvvv
April 16th, 2015

No one's done a Studio One 2.6 Win 7 review yet.

Here's an attempt from a MIDI composer who never records live audio.

I work from "electro" to "orchestra" to "live band", and all shades in between.


I'll not attempt to match feature for feature.

- as all sequencers do pretty much almost everything these days.

- and the key differences are found more in your individual approach to working.

- and the ability to work in your preferred genres, as required.


S1 works in a more Cubase way than an Ableton / Bitwig way.

But everything is far simpler and more obvious than the Cubase I knew.

- and infinitely quicker and easier than the Sonar I never loved.


I didn't believe the claims when I first came across S1 (back in the v1 days)

Nonetheless I downloaded the free Lite version.

- and in 30 minutes I wrote a piece without needing to look anything up. Not once.

It just worked.

There aren't many sequencers you could say that about.

All the grunt work has been taken out of editing & recording.

So audio clips sync as you drag them in.

- and converting a MIDI track to an audio track is an in-place bounce that's a single right mouse click away.

Ditto MIDI editing - obvious and easy.


Everything is stretchy, grabby, droppy, pully, squeezy tactile.

- like "big blocks for little hands".

You can easily make any sort of template - mixer, fx chain, hot key etc.

It's this stunning speed that I love the most.

And yet I'm still learning newer faster shortcuts.


In music you have to "catch the lightning when it strikes"

- and S1 is all about this. Speed of working.


The included professional quality effects are extremely good at what they do.

- and there's a comprehensive set of 40+ of them. Recommended.

Whatever you want - an instrument, an effect, a clip on disk, a mixer track moving, an audio clip tail micro-fading.

- just grab it and do what you will.

There are no hidden pages - just stuff that slides in and out, without blocking or obscuring anything else.


This probably isn't a very good review as I've left tons of stuff out.

This is because all I need is:

> the ability to work as fast & subtle as I can imagine.

> and a top pro spec to back it up.


Downside 1 is the MIDI controller works.

I've never reliably mastered it beyond the mod wheel (blush), in spite of trying.

But I don't believe anything outside of Komplete Kontrol delivers decent, reliable, never-ever-break, MIDI controller support.

So I forgive Studio One for this.


Downside 2 is that auditioning clips from disk won't shift pitch, only tempo.

I suspect this will be fixed with v3.


Downside 3 is that it's not really for DJs or matrix loop mixer-producers. Different concept.

And the forum is only so-so.


If you're out of love with your current sequencer.

- then go to Presonus and download the free Lite version.

- and be writing a song within the next five minutes.

It worked for me, and still does.

9 on 10.

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