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PreSonus updates Studio One to v6.0.1


PreSonus has released the first maintenance update for Studio One 6, v6.0.1.

Improvements and additions:

  • Added Studio One Prime and Demo Activation.
  • Updated remote control mappings for Autofilter.
  • Removed file size limitation for importing MIDI files.
  • Copy & Paste channel settings from one to multiple tracks.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • [ATOM] Bank Mode should not disable Sample Control Mode.
  • [ATOM SQ] "Performance Monitor" command not displayed in User Mode.
  • [Audio Batch Converter] Preset subfolders not listed.
  • [Audio Batch Converter] Rack devices can no longer be rearranged via drag and drop.
  • [Compressor] Makeup Gain knob is initially disabled.
  • [Fader Flip] "Hide Unassigned Faders" hides assigned Faders.
  • [Import Song Data] Aux channels are not properly imported.
  • [Import Song Data] Instrument track channel assignment not restored.
  • [NI Kontakt] MIDI CC is not recorded.
  • [macOS] Application language resets to system language on update.
  • [macOS] Improper Track notes formatting.
  • [Mixer Scenes] Input channels are not recalled.
  • [Mixer Scenes] Only the first disabled plug-in is recalled.
  • [Pattern Editor] Bottom Pattern area triggers notes.
  • [Presence XT Editor] Loading a song which recalls .soundx files triggers import request of the samples used.
  • [Pro EQ³] Enabling bands doesn't always enable corresponding curves.
  • [Pro EQ³] Graphics issue in 6dB shelving mode.
  • [Pro EQ³] LLC does not work for specific audio settings.
  • [Pro EQ³] No latency compensation in High Quality mode.
  • [Pro EQ³] Side-chain FFT curve not displayed with high sample rates.
  • [Project Page] Text labels cut off for FFT mode, Slope, etc.
  • [Record & Mix Template] All automatically imported tracks are named 'Spur 1' when language is German.
  • [Room Reverb] Default quality setting is ECO instead of HQ.
  • [Scratch Pads] Zooming and duplicating takes too much time.
  • [Show Page] Time signatures don't follow when setlist items are moved.
  • [Softube Console 1] Touch automation not working reliably in certain cases.
  • [SoundCloud] Audio files downloaded with wrong filename extension.
  • [StudioLive DAW Mode] Scribble Strips don't display channel count correctly.
  • [Track Presets] Bus remapping by name should not be case-sensitive.
  • [Video] Export issue with HEVC codec.
  • [Video] Mute button will stop all audio output when using Windows Audio.
  • [Video] Player window close/maximize icons not visible at certain luminance settings.
  • Bouncing in a 64-bit float document generates 32-bit float audio files.
  • Cannot move folder regions unless the folder is open.
  • Channel Macro Controls XY-pad show/hide button missing.
  • Clip gain overrides the Arrow Tool action when "Disable events under automation envelopes" is turned off.
  • CMD+TAB may cause unwanted secondary Tool selection.
  • Converting files in Pool doesn't keep mono files mono.
  • Copying or moving folder bus track/s results in false automation data.
  • De-Esser behaves inconsistent at different sample rates.
  • Different result when saving vs. applying Track Presets with Bus.
  • Different results when quantizing single vs. multiple selected notes.
  • Duplicating Instrument Parts during playback may cause audio stuttering.
  • Editing automation not possible right after bouncing an instrument track.
  • Editing grouped audio tracks is not working correctly.
  • Editor key command (F2) may not work anymore when mixer got detached.
  • Empty Event FX insert has no drop zone in Inspector.
  • Empty folder in Browser disappears but shows up again on refresh.
  • Enharmonic is wrong when dragging chords from Instrument Track to Chord Track.
  • "Export Stems" of a mono track results in dual mono file when "Preserve mono tracks" is enabled.
  • Fade-out inside a crossfade is not played properly in certain cases.
  • FaderPort 8+16 loses connection when loading certain 3rd party plugins.
  • Humanize dialog sliders do not use exact values.
  • Importing with Spot function doesn't create tracks in between existing tracks.
  • In the track list, option+click is slower than using the key command "show/hide all tracks".
  • Inserting Arranger Section creates two entries in history log.
  • Logarithmic fade-out handle cannot be accessed in a crossfade.
  • Long initial delay for dialog to appear when adding a new song.
  • Lyrics editor non-functional in Japanese version.
  • Macro Toolbar sub menu is too wide.
  • Markers are not visible on light background.
  • Merging notes may cause left-over lyrics events.
  • Mouse wheel action is inverted for Note Length in the Select Notes dialog.
  • Potential crash on applying Audio Bend when working with events across grouped tracks.
  • Potential realtime export error when performed right after offline export.
  • Potential artifacts when using Transpose feature on 48 kHz audio.
  • Pro EQ & Room Reverb crash at very high sample rates (768 kHz).
  • Program Change sends duplicate messages.
  • Rearranging song with time signatures may cause long processing time.
  • Refresh option in Browser not working.
  • Stem export results in dual mono file export when it should be stereo.
  • Rename File in Pool does not remember "Rename Event" status.
  • Selecting all tracks is much slower with a macro compared to mouse action.
  • Setting program change value with mouse switches to bank change after maximum value.
  • Several settings not saved in template.
  • Snap not working with some Scratch Pads.
  • "Split at grid" and "Merge / dissolve audio part" take a very long time if audio contains Melodyne data.
  • Start Page Artist Profile section shows Loupe Tool for data entry.
  • Strip Silence "Close Threshold" value not updated when linked to "Open Threshold".
  • Studio One v5 user templates do not appear in v6.
  • Tab key not working on the 'New' window.
  • Template icons have bad contrast in default light theme.
  • Tempo and signature ignored on MIDI file import.
  • Time Scale tool doesn't work properly in certain cases.
  • Transforming Instrument Part to Audio Part changes Mute state.
  • Transposing Instrument Parts stops key-switch triggers when note events are used to switch.
  • Truncated audio after bouncing Audio Part containing chord data.
  • Unable to add automation nodes in certain cases.
  • Unchecking side-chain output resets routing to Main output.
  • Unexpected behavior of Ripple Edit in certain cases.
  • User avatar is rendered with poor quality.
  • Using "Zoom Full" command while focus is on Chord or Arranger Track may zoom out too far.
  • When editing notes with part automation on different tracks, automation is merged onto a single track.
  • When "Solo through listen bus" is enabled, soloing tracks doesn't isolate channels in the export stems dialog.


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