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Red Rock Sound

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Products by Red Rock Sound

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AQ550b Classic American EQ
Reviewed By jazzkeyboard
March 25th, 2022

The Red Rock Sound AQ550b is one of my favorite EQs. Its easy to read and use. You can download it and try it for yourself. I think you like its powerful 4 band tone shaping attributes.

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I was skeptical initially about a plugin emulating great hardware. I was pleasantly surprised with the result of testing the AQ560! It sounds great and behaves just like the original. And a sale price seals the deal.

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EQ560 Free
Reviewed By gwenmollo
October 31st, 2021

it's just my NUMBER ONE EQ .

It's simple, low CPU usage, nice interface.

For a quick Eq it's do the job, and it's free so why try it ...

I use it on almost all my productions.

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EQ560 Free
Reviewed By tr00_kvlt
August 25th, 2021

A good, basic EQ plugin for quick tone shaping. Would get 5 stars if there was a gain/volume slider.

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AQ560 Classic American EQ
Reviewed By Rex*Tone
October 30th, 2020

So I was looking for an alternative to the Waves API 560 (mainly because I hate paying the update prices) and this thing fits the bill perfectly. I've also used the IK Multimedia 560 and it's not bad but the scale of the EQ bands seem a bit heavy handed for me. The other features I enjoy about this guy are the mid/side functionality and the fact that there are two different analog harmonic distortion modes to choose from. Also you can disarm this completely. I've always enjoyed using the 560 on toms and this one does not disappoint. I highly recommend it.

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EQ560 Free
Reviewed By JimmyJamz75
September 13th, 2018

Top Flight EQ. There are a lot of EQ plugins out there. Thousands of them in fact. But one thing I want in my toolbox is a great graphic eq. For me, those are harder to come by. The EQ560 has the vibe and sound I was looking for. It sounds amazing and easy to use. I can get where I need to go lighting fast.

Anything that I don't like, does have a hot key to fix it. But I wish I didn't have to use a hot key. The throw of the sliders are very fast. I wish the action was a little slower. Instead of a hotkey, maybe a check box option to change the speed.

Gain staging, is something I work hard on. Most of my plugins are vintage emulation or inspired by vintage gear. And all of them are optimized for -18db. The EQ560 does not have a Gain knob or a VU meter. I can do without the VU meter, but a simple gain knob would help a lot with keeping gain staging.

The pros out weigh the cons here and its not even close. I have used this on 3 projects so far. It became my go to graphic eq. No other graphic eq will replace this. It is so musical. You would have to work hard to make a track sound bad using this eq, no joke, try it, it's hard to make sound bad.

The EQ does have some character, but that never gets in the way. You can hear the Q change the farther you push the slider and that is a good thing. You can drop this on dirty guitars and make it crunch and ooze rock n roll. Drop it on a Buss to sweeten to taste. Get the boom out of a acoustic track or smooth the top end of a vocal.

This is a professional EQ and is a gift from Red Rock Sound for free. Thank you for this amazing EQ.

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