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Reviewed By rockstar_not
December 31st, 2005

For free, you can't beat this B3 emulator, and the leslie rotor speed responds to mod wheel, like it should. You have to love developers like Mr. Taips.

The presets, though not many, span plenty of sonic territory and give a great launching point for your own presets. The leslie is believable and very adjustable, including belt tension!!. The 'Mr. Valve' overdrive works to put some or alot of dirt in the sound like you want it to.

Overall, the sounds sit nicely in a mix and sound much better than sampled B3 organs. You owe it to yourself to give this a download and a trial on your own. It's my favorite B3 emulator for free/shareware.

I use it in Tracktion 2 with no problems.

Documentation comes in the form of a .pdf manual, which is pretty complete. It details all of the automatable parameters with AZR3. It also includes the GNU license for the plugin.

Rumpelrausch provides it for free, but asks if you end up using it that you donate to a charitable Non-Government Organzation - cool idea.

Thanks Rumpelrausch!
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Crazy Diamonds
Reviewed By Funkybot
January 13th, 2003

Crazy Diamonds is another one of those very small specialized softsynths that only attempt to do one thing, in this case it's capture the sound and vibe of a Solina String Ensemble. It's not alone in this respect, as Big Tick's Cheese Machine attempts the same thing, and I must say that both of these synths though specialized, do what they do very well, while still sounding unique. Crazy Diamonds sounds a little more vintage than Cheese Machine, and seems better at quickly reproducing those classic String Ensemble sounds as it has the organ-esque sound of the Solina's. Crazy Diamonds also allows for more control over the sound than Cheese Machine which is nice, but doesn't take away from the quality of the latter. If you're looking for some cool simple vintage string/pad sounds, then you owe it to yourself to download both, but don't expect either to do much more than that. Also experiment with layering these sounds with different string sounds, either from other synths, or samples for even more fun. I love simple, and specialized VSTi's, as long as they do that task well, and Crazy Diamonds fits the bill. Of all the freeware that has come and gone from my VST Plug-ins folder Crazy Diamonds has been a constant.
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Crazy Diamonds
Reviewed By synthgeek
November 12th, 2002

Like Mr. Progfusion, I was drawn in by the Pink Floyd reference- and true to it's name, this thing does a beautiful impersonation of that sound. However, the real beauty here is that it can do more than just that. In fact, you can actually get a pretty wide range of sounds from it.

It may not be a "do-it-all" instrument, but what it can do it does very well. It's capable of some incredibly lush sounds, especially when using the "milk & cream" sections.

I've only had one crash when using this VSTi, and I can't be sure that it was to blame. Other than that, no problems here.

So, what it comes down to is this: this is a great free VSTi that just may help you make some nice sounds you might not come across elsewhere. I would definitely recommend it.
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Crazy Diamonds
Reviewed By progfusion74
May 3rd, 2002


Mr. Taips once again provides an excellent free VSTi. Although I don't use it as much as I used to, it is still a good string ensemble VSTi. Being a Pink Floyd junkie, I was drawn in by the name. Some of the presets are excellent. "Shine on .. " has always been on eof my favorite tunes to play and here I have a canned sound for it.

I still use this occasionally, mostly for harmony parts (splits time with Cheeze Machine). I have had problems with high pitched screeches but it is possible that subsequenct updates have fixed that. I recommend this for anyone into 70's string ensemble sounds.
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Crazy Diamonds
Reviewed By Emerald Tablet
April 16th, 2002

Is it an organ ? or is it a string pad ?
NO ... it is an organ string pad.

This plugin comes with some nice pads
I find them good to use for sinister dark horror like sounds or new wave music

For a free plugin it offers a lot
check out the milk section ... some creamy buttons to make a very smooth pad.

The cpu usage on my PIII 100mhz is not very high

overall a good plugin that is worth the download.

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Crazy Diamonds
Reviewed By glurgle
March 19th, 2002

Seriously this is one of the best organ tones I have heard. Reminds me very much of the organ (pipe organ?) they used in the theme from "Phantom of the Opera" (the exact title escapes me at the moment). It allows for some phasing and delay effects, but the lack can easily be made up for by using the plugins of your choice.
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Crazy Diamonds
Reviewed By Hypertone
February 16th, 2002

I cant properly pronounce the developer of this synth, Id rather play this sweet VSTI instead. It sounds exactly like the synth in the song in which it was named after. What a huge sound!! Very nice. People have asked how it compares to Cheezemachine. Thats hard to say because they are really totally different. Crazy Diamonds doesnt really sound like a string ensemble, it has more of an organ tone. I think people will find unique uses for both synths. Both synths together would really compliment each other. This is one excellent free VSTI!!
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Crazy Diamonds
Reviewed By paul minot
February 11th, 2002

Another lovely free synth from Rumpelrausch Taips. I personally love "limited" freeware synths, if they sound as good as this one does. I don't know how stringy this synth sounds, more organish to me--but it's very creamy sounding with nice effects, and after playing with it only a few minutes I knew I would be using it soon in a composition, and it would sound terrific. Just a wonderful little pad machine--no more, no less. Yum! Thanks again for sharing this, RT!
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