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We are Virtual Luthiers. We only release instruments we LOVE playing. For years sample libraries and Virtual Intruments focused on huge samples and tons of velocity layers. We focus on your fingers and how instruments connects with your emotions.

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The standalone app don't work ... It starts, you can choose your MIDI keyboard, but no option to configure the sound adapter So there is no sound at all. It seems that there is also no sevice from Sampleson ... no answer after 2 attempts ...

Instructions are confusing and referring to other of their products ... very amateur thing ...

To complete the experience, I had to write them to get a link for download the product after my payment.

Conclusion: I needed a standalone app for electric piano and I made the wrong choice with that one ...

Several weeks I had to buy something else .... so with Sampleson I just lost my money and a lot of time ...

Gilles Mailhot.

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Reviewed By g.mailhot1
February 3, 2021

Sounds well, but there is no volume control in the standalone app ...

Also no presets and no possibility to save your settings.

You can have better products for free ...

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Reviewed By rich.lepez@gmail.com
January 5, 2021

Worst plugin ever...

I think it's a waste of money, the only thing great is the design.

Not so intuitive, very limited...
Sounds produced are awful,
just buy a synth.

Too bad, the idea was great.

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Probably the best sounding free 64-bit compatible B3 plugin out there right now IMHO.

No where near the level of Blue3, VB3, or IK's B3 but... (IMHO) I think it's comparable to a few paid plugins out there like AIR's DB33 or the late LinPlug's Organ3.

This is surprisingly, more than just OK, and it's free.

I heard about this because I got an email, that means I must have been on their mailing list already.

I think I downloaded Electrix back when it was free, and don't remember them spamming me excessively in the meanwhile, so take from that what you will.

Very nice freebie, thanks.

One thing that would be nice though, is to be able to click the keys in the plugin GUI, to audition sounds (but that's a minor nitpick).

- Jay.

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Reviewed By rahnrasen
November 27, 2019

klingt toll, und hinter dem 1 knopf layout steckt ein ausgewachsener synth, an dem selbst geschraubt werden darf ... er mehr als nur den zufallsbutton;) ...cooles teil mit ansprechendem sound und modernernrm interface .. und für lau ... da gibts echt nix zu meckern !.

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This instrument definitely has a lot of potential. However lack of Mute and Solo buttons is a bit disappointing. It would be great if each knob could be reset to default state. Double clicking sets some of them in a strange position. Also I've found two bugs:

Snare Drum Pan knob doesn't work.

Cymbal Tone knob doesn't work.

Overall it's a stable, lightweight piece of gear with very analog (not boring) sounding drums.

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SUB. Free Analog Drums
Reviewed By Illforddd
August 25, 2019

Really Nice Analog Drums!!

The drums are really clean and have a nice warm sound. there is a nice variety of sounds to choose from and they have some nice modulation. The sub-oscillator is really good for a lot of genres and sounds just as fantastic as the rest of the sounds, the fact it's all synthesis surprises me as it takes up little CPU for me.

my only gripe is that the Snare and Kick's pitches can't be controlled, but that's a minor thing.

Definitely good for those who want nice warm sounds, wanna make some old-school hip-hop or techno.

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I've been extremely satisfied with Spectrasonics Keyscape for most of my electric keyboard needs (best Rhodes by a long shot), but Sampleson surprised me with this Electrix offering. It adds something unique instead of trying to compete with Keyscape. Electrix sounds gorgeous to me.

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