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We are Virtual Luthiers. We only release instruments we LOVE playing. For years sample libraries and Virtual Intruments focused on huge samples and tons of velocity layers. We focus on your fingers and how instruments connects with your emotions.

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RAND surprised me at how useful and great sounding it is. Being able to save the patch it generates is an excellent addition. Using it in Reaper on a Mac.

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Hi, .

its a great idea to match diff properties off smart instruments, here - like e-piano & nylon-guitar.

isnt crazy but terrible enough to get new kind of inspiration to show and hit the heart of musicians experienced be "free! & free! & free!" - congratulation for this beam - to get new stuff for "creation people".

i give you 6 of (5) stars .

thx a lot .

JoghurtDerLetzte (Berlin).

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Was a bit of a delay on getting my key but I contacted them and they took care of me super fast great customer service from KVR and Sampleson. Love the plugin so far. Will update my review once I've used it for a while.

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COLLAB3: Free Tonewheel Organ
Reviewed By gwenmollo
October 31st, 2021

amazing free organ.

Great interface, great sound, nice presets. but high CPU usage..

I use in a few of my tracks.

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AKOUSTIC: Spectral Synthesizer
Reviewed By filokvr
October 11th, 2021

Amazing way to create new sounds. Additive was always hard to deal with but this way is more intuitive and allows you to use real spectrums to create new stuff. Love it.

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Awesome plugin. Love the touch. Love the knob to mix dry and bleed. Toms are great. Snare is so responsive.

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MELOX: Studio Grade Melodica
Reviewed By Sir Francis
September 26th, 2021

It is very cheap and perfect for reggae / dub music. A nice find as melodica is rarely, if ever, made as a VI. Thanks for making it.

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1959: Electro Acoustic Piano
Reviewed By g.mailhot1
February 3rd, 2021

Sounds well, but there is no volume control in the standalone app ...

Also no presets and no possibility to save your settings.

You can have better products for free ...

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