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smart:EQ 2
Reviewed By tomlad21
May 2, 2020

This really is a great product. I use it on practically every channel and don't find any undesirable effects (although my laptop is reasonably powerful).

With a bit of manual adjustment I can dial in the right settings for the sound and the results are always a cleaner, more separated overall mix.

The nearest comparison is with something like Izotope Sculptor (Neutron 3) but, having tried then both, smart Eq 2 is more effective and comes with a wider range of profiles. The biggest criticism I have is that the standard profile seems to apply the same suggested adjustments every time regardless of source! Which is only if limited usefulness. I would expect the standard one to be more flexible, but it's no big deal.

What I would say is that it works best when paired with the smart:comp. They compliment each other to provide a better overall mix.

I picked this up for $70 in the sales and at that price point is a no brainer.

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Reviewed By tomlad21
May 2, 2020

I purchased this along with Smart Eq 2 and have been very impressed. It isn't your standard compression plugin, as it contains a spectral compressor, that analyses 2k frequency bands and adds compression independently. The results are excellent and even better if used with the secret weapon.. Sidechaining. When hooked up it ducks only the frequencies that clash with the source, giving a better blend between the two sounds, without losing too much information... all in real time.

In conjunction with the Smart EQ2, I've heard a notable improvement in my mix down sand definitely worth the $120 total I paid for the pair in the sale.

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smart:EQ 2
Reviewed By itsjayzilla
November 2, 2018

This is a great plugin, I also own the absolutely fabulous Live version. There's just one problem... there's an awful latency issue which makes it so inconvenient to use that I have decided to stop using this plugin until you guys sorted this out. It's been a month since release and I'm getting a little impatient. I don't know the nature of this issue of course, but it looks like something which could be fixed faster. There are pages of forum posts about this (here, gearslutz etc.), I hope you guys read the feedback because in theory your product could end up to be an invaluable tool for daily use!

So to sum it up, this plugin actually deserves 5/5 stars, but it's 3/5 until the bugs are sorted!

P.S. pls hurry a little bit, it's like buying a great new sportscar and having to keep it in the garage because of engine trouble... :(


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