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Sonic Studio is the developer of the highly refined soundBlade mastering system and NoNOISE restoration plug-ins that have been used by professional digital audio mastering engineers to create millions of commercial release CDs, track, singles and soundtracks since 1989. Sonic Studio also develops the award winning Amarra brand line of high resolution music players for the audiophile music playback community. Both soundBlade and Amarra are based on the company's renowned digital audio engine that has been refined since 1985. Visit www.sonicstudio.com for more information.

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Legendary Audio I.C.E.

Reviewed By yairisan [all]
November 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: Win 11 on Mac

Attractively simple interface with very intuitive control (via just a few buttons) allows for very easy zeroing in on problem frequencies/frequency ranges. Play your audio (the plugin works in realtime), press the 'Monitor' button on the ICE plugin, and sweep through until you hit the problem area (in my case it was very harsh distortion baked into the soundtrack). Pulling down the control to set the degree of attenuation of the problem was all done in realtime. Very simple, and reduced horrible distortion around 75% in a section of audio. Pretty impressive. Didn't even need to read the manual, but probably will at some point as it probably has some useful tips, etc. Great plugin. Does what it says on the time, quickly, easily, and repeatably.

Used as a VST plugin in Davinci Studio 18.

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