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Sonic Studio releases AudioRepair Toolkit - NoNOISE-based Audio Restoration App for OS X

Sonic Studio

Sonic Studio has announced the release of AudioRepair Toolkit (ART), a Mac OS X-based high-resolution audio application that repairs all manners of damaged sound files by removing interfering events while preserving the sound quality of the original material.

ART's efficiency comes in the form of its simple, easy-to-use interface. Based on the NoNOISE toolset, ART includes the DeNoise, DeClick and DeCrackle processes with the new addition of the spectrogram-based Repair Tool LE. In addition, AudioRepair Toolkit supports full Broadcast WAV metadata for recording and export including ISRC, encoding history and SMPTE timestamp.

Manual DeClick and DeCrackle are precise digital re-synthesis technologies. Operating in the frequency domain, they seamlessly repair distorted or 'ticky' audio that previously would be unsavable.

Broadband DeNoise Lite can aggressively suppress noise in an imperfect recording without altering the room tone or contaminating the result with artifacts.

Spectral Repair Tool LE is a graphical 'waterfall' audio repair tool that eliminates problematic disturbances such as coughs, mobile phone rings, chair squeaks or similar noise from digital audio tracks. Unlike other superficially similar tools, all processing is performed in the linear-phase domain, so repairs are exceptionally clean and free of artifacts, even with very noisy recordings.

ART runs on any Intel Mac and is targeted at the Audio Post Production, Recording, Mastering, Video Editing, Broadcast, Restoration/Archive and Forensic markets. ART is also perfect for Vinyl Enthusiasts seeking to digitize their record collection for pristine computer audio enjoyment.

"We are excited to bring these tools to our customers" said Jonathan Reichbach, CEO at Sonic Studio. "AudioRepair Toolkit continues our tradition of providing the best restoration tools available to professional mastering engineers, archivists, and forensics engineers everywhere".

AudioRepair Toolkit is available now and has a retail price of $595. An introductory 30% discount can be found online and through Sonic Studio's international network of distributors and channel partners.

For more information, or to arrange a trial in your studio, visit www.sonicstudio.com.




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