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Reviewed By John CK [all]
June 6th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

Friends, .

Had my last review removed as spam, but was not the case. Tried to do an honest review and opinion that I hoped would help musicians while evaluating Spacetrax..

If the powers that be don't delete this review for political correctness or whatever, can advise to go for the demo. Will cut the details.

Powerful synth with so much under the hood. Beautiful sounds.and ability to craft signature presets. Could get lost in this but the end point is good.

Guess I got to throw in a negative to prove that I'm human. Some of the 1200 presets are something I can't use, though many are incredible.

Demo available. Not exactly your grandma's synth, so takes some time to understand the work flow, the depth.

Best to all who may or may not be seeing this.

John K.

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Reviewed By DiBase [all]
May 29th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Absolute good to go slap on Comp/Amp/Eq...etc. you name it. CPU friendly and acoustically well made.

Every splice in your track can be improved by this plugin. I dig this solution and will have to make use of it here and there.

Thanks for this good product.

I'm now to update and downgrade my rating because of 2 reasons:

No Windows 11 support and it does not work in home edition.

Also no active customer support or answer when you ask directly.

I somehow discovered by accidence If this does not load you can load the acoustica audio manager start IT and after IT does ITS First dls IT adds the Magic that makes this Work. N-sane.

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