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Lord of the Springs

Reviewed By elviecho [all]
November 11th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

It is really a nice synth, capable of interesting, sometimes very harsh sounds.
I've used it in a few tracks but no longer. Just for one reason, the GUI is one of the ugliest things I've seen in my hole life. Sorry.

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Lord of the Springs

Reviewed By BlackWinny [all]
January 1st, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

Oh My God ! At last a true original synth ! A fabulous instrument to imagine a totally new genre of music.

The last demo "Lordofthesprings Demo02", much more of a Theremine, makes me think of the Vietnamese Dan Bau as you can hear it played by the famous virtuoso Pham Duc Thanh here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1LkoG449Yc

or here in a rock style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAhUMkpY9_8

But the possibilities of Lord of the Springs go way beyond and let a huge freedom to create a totally new genre of music. Being a Franco-Chinese musician always looking for new paths mixing Asian music and occidental "new age" music with totally original modern sounds inspired by ethnic traditions (bowed strings, plucked strings, winds, bowls, mallets...) throughout the world, this new synth is now definitively one of y favorites. The only other one which is really excellent for that kind of totally new sounds inspired by acoustic instruments being for the moment Modelonia from NuSofting.

Lord of the Springs... Wonderful ! Definitively one of my favorites.

The GUI could be corrected to stay more "tranquil" and not disturbing the mind, but musically I give this instrument a rate of 10/10.

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