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The penultimate stopover

No particular pretence here, just because it is needed to participate to the DC 2012 I created this "company name" for a sound library bundle under creation that for the circumstance, I very likely shall call "The penultimate trilogy", and that might contain:

  1. A first collection, in Apple loops format, of weird electronic sounds, strictly focused on complex signature (9/8 and 12/8 that I called "Subsaharian Ethnotronics").
  2. A second collection, in both ACID and Apple loop format, strictly focused on harmonies and scales of ambient sounds (called "Marred Waters").
  3. A renewed, down-sampled at 16/44.1 version of my "Deep Spaces" IR sample library, also focused on harmonies and scales.

A big THANK YOU to the KVR Audio team to allow this year, the sound designers to participate to the contest !!!!