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Mono Repeater
Reviewed By rcrath
October 5, 2018

Video walkthrough with guitar and DRMR drum machine and a looper.

Mono Repeater.

* good general purpose delay
* no "zippering" when adjusting time dial.


* Digital cruft when switching
from host to sync and back
* reduce feedback or lower
low pass to recover

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Mono Repeater
Reviewed By djkybernetik
September 4, 2018

absolute horror installer and IT DOES NOT WORK, i have install it and after a plugin scan in my daw and tryingt o load the mono repeater it happened... nothing, de-installed.

Updated Posting from 7.September:

after an update and the possibility to install the plugin manually it works fine, thank you tilt audio.

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Mono Repeater
Reviewed By viceverser
September 3, 2018

Didn't even get to try this... Messy installer executable, doesn't give the option of VST path, installs and ends... don't know where it went. Would much prefer a more comprehensive installer, or just the dll's to manually manage. One star for now, will check back soon to see if it's fixed.

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