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ToneLib GFX
Reviewed By piermarco.lunghi
March 26, 2021

I give 5 stars because it's a great project, with a great ui and workflow. I've not yet an opinion about sounds because I need more time to test it BUT: the VST version makes mixbus 32c crash in a very bad way (on 6.2.407). I hope they can solve this bug in the next version.

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ToneLib Jam
Reviewed By gogulan
May 7, 2020

It's a great piece of Software that includes everything from a simple bulit-in tuner to display scales to sync the backing track (as MP3) along with the guitar tab. It can import any mayor guitar tablature file format I know and enables you do learn much quicker than with any other guitar app that I've tried.

BUT it is no longer free. From version 4.x you pay. The actual price is ardound 40U$ (incl. discount):


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ToneLib GFX
Reviewed By sgsgfsgfg
November 5, 2019

I have tested a lot of virtual amps.

My top was Poulin and Bluecat.

I have to add Tonelib-GFX.

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ToneLib GFX
Reviewed By Izak Synthiemental
November 5, 2019

The interface is simple and very user friendly. You can simply drag and drop elements to create a guitar fx chain, which can of course also be used for any other sort of instrument.

Unfortunately the guitar amps, as well as the various effect pedals all have a rather generic sound. Nothing to write home about really. I'm quite sure that no extensive modelling approach went into these processors, but rather simple standard waveshaping with added EQ. It's not bad, but it's just mediocre. Magix Vandal, which is almost ten years old, sounds much better and so do a range of freeware amps.

I like the included cabinets impulses, as well as the various reverbs and echo effects which I believe are also based on sampled impulse responses.

Unfortnately the developer has turned the product from freeware to payware, which is something I don't like. Could have kept the plugin freeware and released a completely new, overhauled product commercially. Turning freeware into payware is like giving someone a gift and then in a few months demanding money for the same gift you initially handed over for free. Don't do it.

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ToneLib GFX
Reviewed By natelok
October 6, 2019

The latest update require a $40 fee be paid for a license, despite no warning of this new license until you've already installed the update using the programs update dialogue.

It's a nice program, but ambushing your established users like this is pretty nasty.

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ToneLib GFX
Reviewed By mpoirier
April 25, 2019

For the price this app is really good. It is CPU efficient and very good clean sounds. I think I will switch from Amplitube to this because of this...

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ToneLib GFX
Reviewed By Zurid
April 7, 2019

I spent the last 2 days playing with a standalone version of Tonelib-GFX. Sound wise for me, it smokes Amplitube. It warmer, cleaner and doesn't have that highend shrill in the overdrive that is so prevalent in Amplitude. The preset management is way more flexible and vastly superior to Amplitubes. I pretty psyched so far...

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ToneLib GFX
Reviewed By Nobdi
April 7, 2019

The ampsim is payware now - $40 !!.

All the info I had in my old 4 star review is still valid but for a $40 sim it would have to deliver quite a bit more for that rating.

At $40 I can only rate it at 2-3 stars because there are a lot of options out there with way better dynamics, better IR handling and a better GUI in general.

Sorry, but no cigar .

...below is my (4 star) rating for when the thing was still free:

"2 five star ratings by users that are only here for less than a month ?!? - fishy :-).


The software itself is very good. Especially when you take the (current ?) price into account - zero/nothing/nada.

It is very easy to dial in a good sound and whoever needs a manual or instruction how to use it has never seen a amp sim before (or maybe not even a computer).

I have only played around with it for about an hour and so far I can't really say anything about stability but the rest looks like this:


- very easy to dial in sounds
- good amount of good presets
- easy on the CPU and very fast loading times
- quite a few FX and amps to chose from
- realistic sound.


- maybe not the most dynamic reaction to your playing
- no 5150 sim (sorry, but that is one I always love to have)
- not too many bass amps/cabs (1 each ???)
- no way to set the amount of oversampling (and no info on that at all)
-> all in all not really much that you could argue about in a free sim;-).

...after an hour of playing around with it it has replaced my goto practising sim (Audified ampLion (payed version)) and might even end up as my goto sim for composing because of the perfectly fast loading time (to be replaced than later in the process by a more sophisticated sim).

To sum it up: For a free sim this one is clearly at least a 4 (add the 5150 model and I have it at 4.5-5;-))."

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