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Fathom Sound Library

Reviewed By glokraw [all]
January 1st, 2020
Version reviewed: 160sound on Any OS

To clear things up, the name 'Alien Technology' was put forth by wagtunes, . and is listed at the fathom website. It comes as a 160 sound 'lite version', and a larger 250 sound collection is available. My MMU may be down, but hey, the sounds are great fun, and can be used in many genre, because they are different representations of classic sounds we love, based on what Fathom puts on the table, and how the sound designer makes use of it.

In this case, everybody wins, who wants a collection that won't wear out. If you play for the joy of playing, dig in. The sounds can be extended by the modularity of Fathom. (I never give out 5 stars, just a proclivity of mine, but this soundset might well get them. from those who do. I have Wagtunes SynthMaster One and Aparillo sounds, and will likely be adding more, over time.

PS @ Steve: 160 sounds is lite? Really ???


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