Wagsrfm has released 250 new sounds for Fathom.

The collection contains:

  • 20 ARP.
  • 20 Bass.
  • 20 Bells.
  • 20 FX.
  • 20 Keys.
  • 40 Leads.
  • 10 Modular.
  • 40 Pads.
  • 20 Plucks.
  • 20 SEQ.
  • 20 Synths.

NOTE: The Fathom site where the synth itself is sold is selling a part of this set containing 160 patches for $15. You may want to check that offer out first if you're on a budget or just want a small sample. If you've already purchased that set, purchasing this set will only give you 90 additional patches over the ones you already have.

Listen to SoundCloud demo

Introductory Price: $25. After 20 units are sold, the price goes up to $49.95.



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