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WAVDSP based in Southeast Asia, a powerful plugin that allows you to model analog gear, mix and master sound, and create surround sound mixes.

Our plugin will help you make professional-quality mixes and masterpieces. It's easy to use, it works with your favorite DAW, and it's affordable.

WAVDSP is a plugin for sound engineers, musicians and producers, and audiophiles looking to create immersive sound design. It comes with a library of more than 5 models of analog gear, from preamp, channel-strip, summing mixer and also surround tools for dolby atmos.

You know, it's hard to find a good vocal mix. That's why we created Magic Suite! It's a plugin that gives you the options to Mic Modeling, EQ your vocals, compress them, and make other adjustments to make that perfect vocal mix. We've already helped beginner engineer find their perfect mix and we're confident we can help you too.


Our plugin make your vocal mix so nice and make your job easy. You don't need high-level skills to make sound mix.

Products by WAVDSP

Latest reviews of WAVDSP products

Space Networks
Reviewed By garfield78
May 15th, 2022

I try Space Networks, and if used in moderation in fullmix, it can quickly become addictive, as it adds a pleasant and pleasing touch to the ear. This is not another classic stereo amplifier. The price is not negligible though, maybe a bit pricey, but...

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Tank Pure EQP-1A
Reviewed By garfield78
May 12th, 2022

Very good pultec emulation, sound good. The CPU load is very low. The negative point is few button on the gui who are not "clear" .

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Analog Creator Collection
Reviewed By garfield78
April 10th, 2022

I bought the full "Analog Creator" bundle and I'm happy with it. Five models are available 34N128, 5A12c, 1M73, 1V73 and 1X73. My preference is for the 34n128 which brings a "vintage" touch that I like on vocals. The graphical interface is basic but functional with input output meter. For now the only negative point is a bit high CPU usage, but let's be sure that the developer will optimize his plugins in the near future. The support seems reactive and the "bugs" are fixed regularly. I hope for new plugins from WAVDSP which is a developer not very well known for the moment but who makes good plugins.

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