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WAVDSP releases WD Enhancer VST3, AU and AAX plugin for macOS and Windows


WAVDSP has announced the release of a new VST3, AU and AAX plugin for macOS and Windows called WD Enhancer:

WD Enhancer, advanced neural network technology, meticulously crafted to emulate the organic nuances of analog sound. WD Enhancer brings you closer than ever to the rich, vintage tones that define classic analog gear.

Feature highlights:

  • Colour Selection: Experience a spectrum of sonic possibilities with WD Enhancer's Colour selection. Choose from three distinct colour profiles—Blue, Orange, and Red—each offering a unique tonal character. Blue delivers smooth low-end and airy highs, Orange adds warmth and full-bodied richness, while Red brings clarity, punchiness, and a touch of heat to your audio.
  • Compressor Styles: Tailor your dynamics with precision using WD Enhancer's versatile Compressor. Featuring three styles—Opto, Fet, and Bus—this compressor empowers you to shape your sound with the great level of control. Blend your original signal seamlessly using the mix control (Dry/Wet), ensuring your dynamics are tastefully enhanced without losing the essence of your audio.
  • 1-Knob Stereo Image: Elevate your mix's spatial depth and width effortlessly with the 1-Knob Stereo Image control. Expand the stereo field of your audio, adding dimension and immersion to your music production with a simple turn of a knob.
  • Neural Network Technology: WD Enhancer's neural network technology is the secret sauce that captures the essence of analog sound. By analyzing and replicating the intricate characteristics of analog gear, this technology delivers a level of authenticity and richness that sets WD Enhancer apart.

WAVDSP concludes:

This new release of WD Enhancer is not just an audio plugin; it's a gateway to a world of sonic excellence. Whether you're crafting music in your home studio or fine-tuning professional recordings, WD Enhancer empowers you to achieve the coveted analog sound with modern convenience and precision.

Intro Price: $22 using code ENHANCER at wavdsp.com (Reg. $44).



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