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U.F.O. Zone Edition
Reviewed By moonchunk
March 28, 2019

Just saw this company mentioned on the Omnisphere 2.6 thread. This is a synth worth checking out - for the price you can't beat it, mainly because it doesn't sound run of the mill and the presets are interesting, with a few that actually work well combined with other synths, to make beds of various sounds. Thanks guys - along with Eclipses which is another worthwhile free synth - great work.

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Reviewed By capracan
January 30, 2016

Strum is another very smart and easy to use Plugin with flat simple graphics and special sound modifiers. 2 OSC with some basic Wavforms including Vibrato and simple Envelope Setting for Strings...the Sound is always good and for typical 303 basslines too...a small Tool with much specific possiblilities you will not much find in other Tools, a great work from Ladislav's VSTZone. The Filter Section with Modulation-Algorhythms works good for Strings with spice and arpeggiated Pianos too. For a Free Tools simply awesome.

What do you think? Give Ladislav some Feedback, he will need to know what you think.

Next Time we will see a different kind of Pitchshifter- and Frequency-Shifter-FX from him, with mostly non regulary modifier surprises...

to wait in suspense...


DAW: FLStudio 12.2.

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U.F.O. Zone Edition
Reviewed By bobbz
December 30, 2015

For a freebie this a huge sounding synth. Very usable presets to get you going, lots of modulation capabilities, great FX ................ and better than the previous version, which was also amazing but had some minor annoying bugs. I love it ! Thank you VST Zone ..................... Oh and check out Amplio by these guys.... awesome reverb, distortion and much more.

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Reviewed By bobbz
December 30, 2015

Just exactly what "overhishead" said in the first comment, totally amazing plug in...... free or otherwise. Thank you VST Zone !!.

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Reviewed By dheerajvirgo
April 29, 2015

The interface looks so different which is kind of attractive, and its really interesting to tweak and create the sounds.. one of best soft synths I have used.

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Reviewed By overhishead
February 20, 2013


Where did this plugin come from? a 3 band "everything" effect?? It actually looked useful... I thought there must be a catch or some other compromise, so I downloaded it to find out.

The GUI: Nothing superfluous, no screw heads or ventillation slits, no nostalgic marketing fantasies, just pure usefulness. I find sliders to be the easiest for the eyes to gauge at a glance. I've never seen a multi-FX plug with such a small gui that intelligently fits so much value in one non-animated or multi-page oriented place. Maybe I have, but I don't remember, and I never felt like making a review of one before.

The Sound: Super tight sounding, no fluff, no snake oil, nothing that "only an audio phd can understand." I would have no qualms whatsoever putting this in a mastering chain. It actually does something to the sound, and you don't need to look at your meters to make sure, it's a plugin that does just what you expect it to, but better.

Overall: Everything is right where it should be on this plugin. It's a small arsenal of effects that can easily replace 5 times its weight in other quite good plugins, and aside from the limiter and reverb (yes it has reverb!) everything is multiband. Yes, yes and yes! I'm giving this plugin a 10 for overall high level of quality, as well as an unbeatable price-performance ratio :)


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