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Introducing KVR Studio Manager: Your Plugin Management Solution

Introducing KVR Studio Manager: Your Plugin Management Solution

We at KVR Audio are excited to announce the Public Beta release of KVR Studio Manager, a free / donationware software application for macOS and Windows that serves as a bridge between a KVR member's computer and their installed plugins and the KVR Audio website, automatically interfacing with a member's personalized MyKVR page and the KVR Product Database, the largest database of its kind on the web.

KVR Studio Manager is currently in Public Beta, initially supporting VST3, Audio Units and CLAP plugins on Windows and macOS computers, so you may experience a few bugs and hiccups. We'd appreciate you letting us know by joining the discussion in the KVR Studio Manager forum where we will endeavour to address any questions and issues.

Rather than repeat everything here, head over the dedicated KVR Studio Manager page where you can learn more, watch introduction videos and download the public beta.



Discussion: Active
2 March 2024 at 3:18pm

This is a wonderful idea. I'm guessing by this point most of us are using spreadsheets to track our plug-ins and licenses (necessary even with Owlplug). This KVR Studio Manager has advantages that will make it a welcome addition to our organizational tools, and less chaos is paramount with so much great audio software out there.

2 March 2024 at 7:44pm

This is going to be great. It is however, crashing once all plugins are scanned on my windows 10 system or at least hanging for such a longtime that it appears to have crashed.

4 March 2024 at 2:36am

This's a great work, thank you guys! And I'm dreaming that we could have a platform just for musicians like steam, it will be awesooooooome.

5 March 2024 at 12:31am

No way to define VST2 path. And for me it hangs on ScalerAudio2.vst3. Anyhow, it is also not very fast in scanning - maybe no multithreading.

So, I can not use it.

It says "remember username and password" but it does not login automatically - means it waits until you click on "Login".


8 March 2024 at 12:07pm

Thank you very much. I was looking and waiting for years for a software solution to manage my plugins. Brilliant!

Could you please add the following features:
- Possibility to add the Plugins that are already on the list "I own this" on KVR to the library (regardless of the fact that they are installed at the moment on the computer) and a switch to search for either installed or all owned plugins (even if they are not installed at the time of the search)
- a deep search that includes the descriptions of the plugins on the KVR site (The possibility to search for example for an "EQ" that lists all the EQ-plugins I own, even if they don't contain "EQ" in the plugins name and the possibility to find Multi-FX-plugins as well that contain an EQ as one of the effects included. If the search also includes the stock plugins that come already with your DAW would be amazing.)
- Include more plugin types: VST2, AU, AAX ..., include deprecated plugins
- possibility to add own descriptions (e.g. for plugins that are not listed in the KVR database yet)
- Possibitity to rate the plugin by your own. (e.g. A plugin has a rating of 5 stars on KVR but I think it is just worth 2 stars) and to filter the search results by the ratings (e.g. just show 4-star and 5-star plugins)
- Mass Updater (to update all or selected outdated plugins at once in a row)
- various library views (e.g. show thumbnails/preview pictures of the plugins, additionally to the list view)
- include a wishlist of plugins (similar to the "I want this" section on your website)
- various profiles (plugins installed on computer A, plugins installed on computer B).

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