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Hi, I don't quitte understand how to make use of the plugin multitotwo?
As it mix to stereo I guess you dont need more than two speakers for this plugin right?? I have a 8 channel audiocard (inca 88) but do you really need that for this plugin??

I want to assign all my tracks to multitotwo and mix the positions of the tracks in multitotwo to make an impression that all tracks were recorded in the same room, with only two mics. Is that gonna work with multitotwo?

please let me know, (or is there a manual=) on how this plugin is intended to work, (signal path diagram??) how do I assign the tracks to the plugin..

Any answere is appreciated, thanks!!


Sorry for this very late answer...

The MultitoTwo is a "simple" mixer that uses distances from the (several) inputs to the (two) outputs to control their volume.
Its main purpose is to use the power of multichannel plugins (for example multiple delays) in a stereo production environment.

What you describe is of course possible, but I don't know what you mean by "all tracks were recorded in the same room, with only two mics".

What it will allow you is to control the volume, the stereo position and a not too bad distance simulation of your tracks in a graphical 2D view.
If you use Reaper, the routing is quite simple.

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