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Post Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:48 pm

I've gotten 2 reports that MenuMagic v2.2 can crash at some point after the 1st time you use the "Categorize by Plug-in Vendor" feature but that after that MenuMagic runs without issues.

With one issue the program crashed when trying to access the Category list after running "Categorize by Plug-in Vendor"
and the other when MenuMagic was being shut down after running "Categorize by Plug-in Vendor", creating a Layout Menu and saving the session.
> Nothing in common with these instances other than they had an issue at some point after running "Categorize by Plug-in Vendor" and that afterwards they had no future issues.

If you have experience such an issue please add a comment or drop me an email or just send me a Bug Report from the Settings / Options tab.

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