Is this site still active/legit?

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Post Mon Apr 25, 2022 5:20 pm

I stumped upon this link while searching for samples. I've been a fan of AMG since the oldschool BigFishAudio era (its by far not the same these days). I see there is a huge library made available on the amg site, but when I click explore at the bottom it goes to another site that has 404 errors when clicking individual library links. Some things there seem a little shady. If this is legit though that's great news. Im just a little skeptical right now based on the websites.

I sent a message to "Contact Us" and i get an auto email from
"[my name]"
I also sent a message on reasonrefills_com to find out about and have also received an auto email from the same exact address. This raises questions.

If I click a purchase link it goes to another site dropswitch.cartloom_com. Same as the email. Is this legit or a scam? Can anyone confirm? The AMG twitter seems active and legit, but the site raises questions.

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