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You might have heard it in the grape vine. We're looking for detailed feedback on the Digital Osc:

new beta posted here: ... 29#5532429

This version of Diva has a preliminary GUI for the Digital Osc and Uhbie filter. Please do not post screenshots without that disclaimer!

major changes from V1.2.1:

- added Arpeggiator and Clock module
- added Digital Osc (inspired by JP80x0)
- added Uhbie filter (modeled after famous SVF, with exaggerated character)
- ultra fast, multi threaded UI loading
- AAX 32/64 support (PT 10.3.5+ or 11.0.2+)
- tidied up trimmers page

known issues:

- documentation still 1.2
- ReadMes and some version numbers still 1.2


- Urs

#--- older news ---#

Hey all,

Actually, we've just gone 1.2 - no major feature news (yet), but VST3 support, VST2 finally 64-bit on Mac too and many, many things fixed or improved!

- Urs

We're happy to announce that as of today, Diva officially bears the 1.1 version number.

She's now available for download/upgrade on her own, new product page:

We'll send newsletters and press releases on Monday, as Friday is usually a bit too late in the week.


;) Urs

Revision 674


- Multi-threaded operation allows use of multi-core capabilities
- In many cases, Diva's filters are now a lot faster


- White-noise DC-offset removed
- Panning inverted to make it correct
- Triggered notes sound more coherent
- Sonic improvements (more harmonics, less noise in VCF and synced oscillators)
- New feature "Transient Mode" can reset DC-blockers and filter states on attack


- Completely new MIDI-learn mode
- Presets can be revealed in Finder (OSX) or opened in Explorer (Windows)
- drag & drop presets in Cocoa view (Mac)
- Better file error messages for windows
- log written if a file named Diva.log exists on the desktop


- deadlocks that some experienced under Windows are gone
- no more unwanted legato mode after preset selection
- no more crashes after invalid file access
- All Notes Off releases current notes instead of killing them
- MIDI preset change no longer forgets modulator section
- Init preset is correct in the presence of MIDI Banks
- no more crashes after long silence

Revision 517
FIXED noise spikes when switching filters
pan modulation now smooth
ShapeMod does Pulsewidth down to 0% (manual PW stays at 1%, as per Howie's request)
User Manual included in download


Diva 1.0 has arrived

Final (Installer, but no info yet)

(uploaded new Mac version - no more demo crackles before 2012!)



Old news:


Fixed yet another bug
Added Presets
Made Installers


Quickstart Guide
Info Package/Acknowledgements/Known Issues

Build 477

Added Dymo labels
Fixed bug in Modifier section
made it release candidate

Also - if you have a serial number, please check if it works :)

Please try the Offline Render function in your host (DAW, that is):

- create a song
- use presets that sound different in "draft" and "divine"
- set all Diva instances to "draft"
- set Offline Render to "same"
- render song
- set Offline Render to "best"
- compare

If they sound different, then it works in your host. If they sound the same then please let us know which host you have used...

(we'll try to compile a list of compatible hosts...)

Note: Some hosts such as Reaper have a "notify plugins of offline render status" option. This must be on.

Build 475 - this one should be almost release grade...

(if you have productions with automation: Render those tracks first before updating, parameter automation may be messed up due to changes)

Changes 472->475

removed some unused parameters from automatble list
added tuning for stacked voices (+/- 24 semitones)
added 6 voices as max stack
added undo/redo
fixed LFO no-reset bug
improved gui and naming consistency
swapped yellow "!" for less obtrusive "M"
rendered gradients for Win version

Here's the previos beta version (Dec 15th):

Changelog 467->472

Constrained ADS ModEnv Attack peaking behaviour
Improved input/output gain of Sallen-Key Rev2
Some more GUI tidy up and cleaning
Fixed missing notes in legato mode
Fixed Digital Envelopes Velocity->Attack bug
Tidied up Modifications tab (no wires no more...)
Added switch for 12dB OTA Ladder
Fixed LFO rate modulation bug that could cause audio desasters
Added Yellow Triangles where appropriate
Mac AU passes AUValidation
Delay Wow instead of Flutter (misnomer), and more subtle
adjusted default slops

Note: Patches made with previous betas may not sound exactly the same anymore. There's a readme with all fixes/issues and hints for preset conversion

Check this thread often, or follow us on Twitter for new beta versions (they might pop out almost daily)

u-he on Twitter

Also, pre-order/introductory offer is on: click here! :)


;) Urs

Some exiting news! I think the UI design is far enough to give an impression.

While a few labels are missing and out of place, you can clearly see the structure.

It's a rather big ui, but it will be scalable down to 70% (half the size) and up to 150% (twice the size) in small steps of 10% without loosing its sharpness and readability. At least, that's what we've planned.

Hope you like!

;) Urs

Old post... from back in the days:
So... yeah... uhm.

I have a "leftover project", something that popped out on the way to future Zebra enhancements and Berlin Modular completion. And because I found a great name that wasn't taken yet, I thought I'd post it here. Before anybody else takes it. (As you know, D16 also announced a "Lush", like I did for Berlin Modular)

So what is it?

At the moment it is a little synthesizer plugin which I use to test and develop various modules. It's a ugly, it's grey and it's a nuissance to use. What it does though, it contains various models of selected modules from selected synthesizers that recently pile up in my place. Over the months whenever I bought or borrowed a synth, I have immediately started to analyse oscillators, filters and envelopes. From that I have often built my own versions, based on circuit schematics, hearing and measurements. Just to see if it's doable and how they'd fit in Zebra, ACE and or Berlin Modular. Other times I just mangled some stuff in Zebra to find out how it's done.

Slowly arised the notion that my testing environment would make a great product all by itself: Simple, retro, beautiful - if only a proper user interface was plopped around it, and if maybe all those geeky knobs would vanish. And if I ever managed to throw all those algorithms in the same project folder.

Anyhow. Today the name came like an apparition to Howie and me:

DIVA - Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue

I have no haste with this, I'm sorry if this creates any hype around another piece of vapourware. I just want to "grab" the name for when I find the time to do the UI and a week or two of polishing. The reminiscence to Zebra's dinosaur crossgrade was just too tempting not to 8)

Do ACE/BM users need this? - Nope, not really. Do Zebra users need this? Nope, not really. Diva will be a subset. Merely a beginners synth. A small little gem with hopefully a lot of personality!


;) Urs
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Love the name :tu:
"I was wondering if you'd like to try Magic Mushrooms"
"Oooh I dont know. Sounds a bit scary"
"It's not scary. You just lose a sense of who you are and all that sh!t"


Urs wrote:And because I found a great name that wasn't taken yet
I like the name, aswell as BelaD Diva :hihi:


+1 -- Hands down, that's THE BEST use of that overabused word ever.

VERY good one, Urs!!! :D :tu:


As MaxSynths said, Bela D Media has their DIVA library. Well, actually it's called DIVA Revamp now. But written with caps nonetheless.


Yeah, hmmm... female vocalist samples... can't reach the website... won't be in my Diva (which I happily write with small letter, no prob).


dhalfen wrote:+1 -- Hands down, that's THE BEST use of that overabused word ever.

VERY good one, Urs!!! :D :tu:
Thanks 8)


A learner synth would be right up my street right now.

Uhbik V? :roll:



Sounds good.
When will it be available?


mcnoone wrote:When will it be available?
At some point. As I said, no haste... and some of the machines I'd love to have her impersonate havn't even arrived yet.


^^^ Thanks, Ebay!!! :x :x :x :tantrum:


Sounds very interesting...


Urs wrote:Yeah, hmmm... female vocalist samples... can't reach the website... won't be in my Diva (which I happily write with small letter, no prob).
Hm... Clock DiVA maybe? Just to make it even more confusing for customers. ;)


Dive? You know, something like "sound dive"...

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