Modern Skin for Melda Plugins *V. 2.0.3* - FModern 2

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Hi there,

Here's a new update! I have revised, extended and improved everything once again.


- *new* realistic backgrounds
- *new* completly redesigned console
- *new* modern Font
- *new* readability optimised for different resolutions


- more contrast for small texts
- *new* glow FX in the (with love) redesigned knobs and tab sets:


- *new* slider design
- *new* color styles
- *new* redesigned round buttons, scrollbar, panels, captions, faders...
- tested for different sizes and screen resulutions


If the link is blocked from your browser (it's a redirection link with a counter) use this: ...

Please see the "Readme.txt"


You can change the Color Styles:

Better readable and tidier:

For the current download please look above! ... ... ...
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That's looking very nice!! It's going to become my default now :wink:
On Mac go on HD/library/application support/Meldaproduction/MTexturedStyles, for the fonts at HD/library/application support/Meldaproduction/Fonts


Thank you for the information GNXT!
Actually the fonts should be integrated but I'm not sure about that yet.


Thank you so much! This look amazing!!


looks nice. downloaded. thank you!


Liking it so far :tu:
My Setup.
Now goes by Eurydice(Izzy) - she/her :hug:


Wow, this looks pleasing for the eyes. Thank you for sharing! :)
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Very nice ! Smooth and to the point. Loads all right on Linux by following the Windows instructions.


I'm glad you like it! Thank you!
mevla: Is the path under Linux
"~/.config/Meldaproduction"? Then I can add the info!

I'm doing a little update soon. The light-style knob pointer has dark outlines, the pointer are a bit too long and I'll add color styles.


The path on Linux is really the same as on Windows, since it uses a Windows emulation (wine-staging + linvst). It's the same, apart from the beginning of the path which is different, so it gives:


Please note that it's a tad involved to run Windows VSTs under Linux (in Bitwig and Mixbus32C in this case) so it's a special case. I mentioned that it loads fine in Linux since I'm the chap who runs Melda plugins in Linux and I make fun of it at times.

Again, very nice skins although I prefer the dark one. Maybe they should become part of the official Melda distribution ?


Very nice. Thanks :tu:
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Clicks and pops is all I get


Nice work


I updated the style

- the knobs now have some shade
- the buttons are clearly visible everywhere
- display areas are slightly brighter to see the black lines better
- in the Light Style the lines of the headings are visible
- some details
- removed the disabled gray color (it's more annoying than it makes sense, isn't it?)
- added color settings presets for import

I hope you like it, have fun!


Very nice. Question: I use the light variation then modify the background (using MDrummer for instance). Then I choose 'Set current style as default'. When another plugin is opened, it shows the default Modern Light style with the default white background. Is there a way to have the custom background set for all ?
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Hmm, you're right. Unfortunately i don't know how to change that. The only idea i have is to delete the other color styles which is not the point.

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