[Resolved] Plugin Errors, rescan doesn't resolve.

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Post Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:09 am

hi, I think I'll also be sending this to Bitwig support. I'm on Bitwig 3.1.3. Windows 10.

Equator, Mtron Pro and Valhalla's Super Massive are showing up in the plugin errors folder.

As an example, Super massive is at C:?programs/common files / VST2

the error is

"com.bitwig.flt.library.metadata.reader.exception.CouldNotReadMetadataException: could not read metadata: Error establishing metadata connection for command "C:\Program Files\Bitwig Studio\bin\BitwigPluginHost64.exe" metadata 1234 4 1
exit code:1
PluginHost: Connecting to metadata service with id 4 on port 1234 using id 1"

For anyone with the same issue, the answer from Bitwig was

"try deleting /AppData/Local/BitwigStudio/index and /AppData/Local/BitwigStudio/cache/vst-metadata"

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