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Post Fri Jul 30, 2021 1:16 am

I am going to simplify the 24 bit support in the next update...

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Post Fri Jul 30, 2021 6:10 am

simplicity is king (or queen).

hi chopen, for now, i will wait for the final update.
i have a working version of trikpix and i will stick with that one.
i fear i might break it with newer updates by way of not following instructions properly.

good luck with testing piktrix in other daws. my guess is that if it works in reaper 6 then it will work with most newer other daws.

i have not played scrabble for a week and so i need to take a break with the testing of the rest of the dc2021 entries. i can always test them after the challenge.

thank you for piktrix. i myself am always appreciative of makers of musical tools.
ah böwakawa poussé poussé

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Post Fri Jul 30, 2021 7:20 am

(Version 0.81) :
  • Add 'Chi-Rack__OSC_Set.PNG' & 'Chi-Rack__OSC_Set.txt' in PiKTrix Ony 32 (missing).
  • Better Installation to support [Deluxe] soundbank.
here it is and done !

you have worked well harryupbabble. So you have the right to an image :tu:

Thanks for your help to diagnostic a lot of bug !

I like the video at the start. Could you made another one ? (if the update works) with the good picture 'OSC' (1 minute is more than enough) or bounce the accompagement & give me this last one so that I can make a new video in my laptop? I really like the climate at the start... :clap:

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Post Fri Jul 30, 2021 7:25 am

If in doubt, it's always good to uninstall before installing !!!

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Post Fri Jul 30, 2021 1:30 pm

I have tested in cubase studio 5 VST3 Versions of PiKTrix :clown: . It's not super stable for the moment. I don't know if it's because i have an old DAW or if it's the VST3 patch protocole that shit a little... But better to use 64 bit for now ! Just a little problem of Init for the 64 bit versions (i must work again a little here). 32 bits seems work very well...

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Post Sat Jul 31, 2021 3:30 pm

I wanted to debug again but I've had enough so I made a new video.
The integration of PiKTrix Ony VST3 is great but I can't put more than 4 PiKTrix (the sound don't load after). I will test with the 64 version. I believe that the 32 bit versions is the great version...
(It is a shame with Reaper too. 64 versions is not good with it) :(



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Post Sun Aug 01, 2021 9:50 am

It work good in 32 bit versions now. But not yet unlimited numbers of PiKTrix Ony in 64 bit versions. I must change the audios module and other modules for don't crash the DAW After 4 PiKTrix Ony. I work in this actually. It's also stable when load After save in your DAW (tested with Cubase Studio 5). It is therefore a partial success while waiting for me to find a solution for the 64 bits which have another type of assembly !

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Post Sun Aug 08, 2021 3:33 am

New Update in Ony 64. I allowed myself to add an image since it was the end of the challenge ('Looped' mode)

I worked hard to redo all the internal architecture of PiKTrix Ony 64 with new modules ! (Thanks to Elena Design modules to the better integration of them in 64 bit host).

Fix 1.1 (PiKTrix Ony 64)
* New audio modules in architecture core of 64 bit version for improve the stability in multiplugins mode (test of 10 x 'PiKTrix Ony 64' in cubase studio 5 with success !!! maybe more possible...)
* New function 'Looped' in PiKTrix Ony 64 (with new image 'Looped')
* Presets updated (less release & Looped) with new picture & modules (ElenaSamplingModules_x64.sem, TD_MemoryPack.sem)
* The 'Lock' image has been removed (was useless)
* Correction in Install.bat to target 'PiKTrix.txt' localized in priority on "Modules\PiKTrix.txt" (from 'Update PiKTriX v.1.1')
* Correction of some minor bug...

and thank you everyone to waiting for me for this last update of the KVR DC 2021 (I don't know if we are still in the Challenge now) :wink:

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Post Tue Aug 17, 2021 12:19 pm

(Version 1.1.2 on all versions):
  • New 'random' option in Arp modules.
  • Fix bug in repeat notes when sustain pedal is activated (CC64). 'Release' Title become violet when CC64 is activated (possibility to manually activate this option by clicking in release title).
  • Improvement of the 'Init' Program (52). Init.wav is load in all lines thanks to the new modifications of 'Custum List' (prefer to add your own instruments through this patch in the future).
  • New Instrument 'Digit.piano house' available from custums lists.
  • Better init in all versions (3-5 secondes wait between 2 programs changes. You must see 'Init' in digit viewer).
these last days, i have not had internet connections, which is why 1.1.1 was not uploaded correctly (it did exist on google drive however). I could not assure for the end of the KVR DC but to be honest it would have taken me 1 more month for everything to be perfect (demonstrations and debugging of the software). The documentation is not yet very extensive. I will remedy this in the next few days...
The next update (the next week). I will add some new instruments (to have 64 usine presets & will work to find a system to made user presets more easily...)

[ The Qi-Rack versions have natives audio modules then there is again a limit of number to use in a DAW ].

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Post Tue Sep 28, 2021 9:47 am

Sorry for the unconvenients. I Know that the KVR DC2021 is already finished but I had continue to work hard in my project and this is now a new versions 1.2 of PiKTrix more easy to take (installation / Soundbank bundle / New interne architecture core with new audio modules)

Before, there are been some change to the installation and bundle package. 2 Soundbanks are essential to use the software properly : But without it, you can listen some sounds with the 'Welcome' Preset included in PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'.rar (installation of PiKTrix)

All package can easily be installed by clicking to 'Install.bat' (It is recommanded to Install PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'.rar before)

Some increasement have been made on PiKTriX after KVR Developer Challenger 2021 with the 1.2 beta version :
  • First Preset/Patch : 'Welcome' is now a "welcome patch" with one sound of all patches in one. You can use 'Bloc Note' function
    for have a coarse preview of that it can sound when you have all the sounds... Of course, the instruments are better with
    all them sounds but these samples are already delivered with the software ! (you must just now download separately 'Amstrad CKX100 [Essential] 16bit-mono.rar' &
    'Pataphysis [Essential] 16bit-44khz.rar')
  • No 'Custum_List' in all Plugins version (just a 'Root.txt' file. Custum_List are now the same in 32 & 64 bit versions
    localized in "PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'\Module\Custum_List")
  • Randomize in Arp module of PiKTrix_Qi-Rack_32 version (like already existed in 64 bit version)
  • You can now use more than 32 occurence (32 max tested) PiKTrix Ony in your DAW (32 bit & 64 bit versions)
  • You can have up to 128 sounds for a instruments in 32 bit versions and 96 on 64 bits versions (system lightening) with extended pitch
    in 64 bit versions in lower and higher range (out of line 13 - 103)
  • Gui audio modules in 64 bits versions (must be reactivated when you reload them in your DAW by bring the ONY 64 plugins to the fore)
  • Possibility to change Layers color in Qi-Rack version (experimental color palette in hexadecimal RGB & transparency)
  • More CPU Friendly
  • Clear Keyboard or White Keyboard in all versions (click to PiKTrix Logo for choose the options)
  • And a lot of minor bug have been fix...
PiKTrix Soundbank [Deluxe Version] is not necessary and has been deleted ! :ud:

you could not even imagine the amount of work that the overhaul of the internal architecture required of me. Now I can finally continue my sad life in peace with myself! :scared:

I think that I would just write a little comment on my blog in the next updates :!: ...

Of course, I still have so much new music and new soundbanks to create for the project to be viable. It's a very laudable pastime and maybe one day I could even live off the fruit of my efforts. provided in this world :wink:

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Post Mon Nov 01, 2021 11:20 am

(Version 1.3) on all 64 bits versions (VST3 too) :
  • Lightening of the initialization of the sounds (a target appears on the mascot as soon as the instrument is likely to be updated. It will therefore suffice to click on this icon)
* However, updating remains automatic at each change of patch (Left / Right and selection of a patch arranged by categories)
* Updating is no longer automatic when you engage or disengage the SD card or when you load a patch not included in the interface (Load Preset / Load Bank)
  • Correction of the range below line 13 & above line 108 (from line 13 to 108 each sound has its own audio module. The sound is automatically pitched in the bass below line 13 and pitched in the treble above line 108)
  • Fixed 'Bloc Note' mode (now works well with the same audio modules by selecting a sound in the list and activating the option)
* For each new sound selected in the list, it will be necessary to update the 'Note Block' button in the 'on' position
  • Fixed 'Loop Mode' (it was not working very well before but it should work fine now with this new version of PiKTrix)
  • Pitch offset correction to increment by semitones
  • Integration of logos !!! NEW !!! and the audio format that appears in text (are programmed on lines 129-130-131 of each instrument) in the graphical interface of PiKTrix_Ony and PiKTrix_Qi-rack
* Requires reinstalling new updated soundbanks after installing the package (Amstrad CKX100 [Essential] 16bit-mono, Pataphysis I [Essential] 16bit-44khz, Pataphysis II [Deluxe] 24bit-stereo) see the links in the ~~ Links ~~ folder of the project to download them
  • New FX (Byp) option and graphic improvement made on 'PiKTrix_Qi-Rack': Fx (Byp) is what replaces Master (Byp) on the Ony versions (the name has been changed for less ambiguity)
* Fx (Byp): allows you to cut the wheel effects (Modulation, Vibrato, Pan Drag) as well as Filto Drag & EQ of the layer. The sends coming from the other layers are cut too (medals in OSC Setting). The writes of the EQ and FiltoDrag modules turn green when the bypass is engaged
* 'Master' has been shifted a little further to the right. The only improvement comes from the fact that the Master part of the graphical interface lights up in taking the color of the current layer (customizable in the palette tool in background)
* Some corrections have been made in the Filto Drag of Qi-Rack (click on the Oscillator and release on the previous mode...)
  • The patches (which have been significantly improved) are now all in the soundbanks ready to be installed (all soundbank package independently).
    They are normally installed automatically in all the places referenced by PiKTrix.txt (in the '\Modules' directory). Once installed in Standalone, you can eventually install them in plugin mode if this is not done automatically (according to the information of the plugins directories registered in PiKTrix.txt) by then clicking on Install.bat!
* Some patches however reside in the original package: PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'.rar:
  • . 00 Welcome to PiKTrix
    . OmniChord _ Drum Chords
    . OmniChord _ Solo.xmlpreset
    . Patch Init.xmlpreset
These are the set of sounds supplied with PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'.rar (minimum to operate the interface and the first patch)
  • Lightening of the passage 'Background' to the main interface (click on the yellow button in the upper right corner without updating)
  • Correction of minor bugs ... (the whole list is not exhaustive)
  • Improvement of Install.bat and Unistall.bat (seems less cumbersome and first installs the project in Standalone before asking later confirmation for the different 32, 64 bit and VST3 plugins directories...)
* It is essential to start from 0 without keeping the previous versions of PiKTrix for the project to work correctly (Ditto for soundbanks)
* Uninstall.bat does not remove the soundbanks included in '\Soundbanks' from [PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'] but just the patches in the different Standalone directories and PiKTrix plugins according to the options configured in PiKTrix.txt and also delete
the plugins installed ... (Be careful if you want to keep your own presets, they could then be deleted !!!
However in VST3 Presets, you can still create directories in PiKTrix_Ony_VST3 and PiKTrix_Qi-Rack_VST3 taking the name of your current musical projects to save your patches. Uninstall does not remove User Presets included in VST3 Presets on condition that they are not located in
the directory itself but in a sub-directory ...)

Example : C:\Users\Joan F\Documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier\PikTrix_Ony_VST3\Senpai

(in this case, all the presets included in PiKTrix_Ony_VST3 will be deleted with Uninstall.bat but not those located in the \Senpai folder)

It's up to you to find a similar directory with the 64-bit versions (whose presets saved by the user could possibly be located in :

C:\Users\Joan F\Documents\VST2 Presets\PikTrix_Ony_64\[...] not supported by Uninstall.bat because if you save this in the PiKTrix 64 bit Plugin directory, they will be deleted !

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Post Thu Dec 16, 2021 9:55 am

Version 1.4 in all versions
  • Fix Bug on color custumisation in 'Background Panel' (move to Foreground of palette image and hexadecimal color sections) and Background panel more clickable to close the window
  • Fix bad connexions
* EQ1 - HP Reson unfortunately connected at 'Fader Morph' control
* Line 29-30 : Pitch Bug fixed (on Qi-Rack 64 & Ony 64)
* Line 32 : Fix Loop informations not recognize (on Qi-Rack 64 & Ony 64)
  • Improvement of the patch navigation when you click to '<' & '>' : PiKTrix don't load the sounds when the label is on pink color (time to select the right patch with several click)
  • New option in background mode for color filled in fader (horizontal & vertical fader according to layer color)
  • Better Graphic intialisation on PiKTrix Ony 64 tested in plugin & standalone mode
    (Bank list on 'Init' when patch change, Open plugin from background and load DAW session)
  • Improvement of 'Instrument_Maker', 'Install.bat' & Uninstall.bat (Backup of the Patch in standalone, Update when Install.bat is in another directory after download)
  • Improvement of Patch category in all version (more ergonomic alphabetical placement)
  • 64 bit new features now present in 32 bit versions (Soundbank logos integrations, Master / FX (Byp)
  • New Feature with 'Lock' image to active or deactivate pitch informations (modificated by '%file%~pitch.txt') above Pitch list
  • Significantly improved image placement for integrate new 'Skins'(Skin repertory to each versions to install automaticaly a skin selection with a batch)
  • New Skin to install (Space Orbital)
  • Better Gui custumization with 'PiKTrix' menu. Mix between the 2 differents images Fond (french word sorry) & Patchwork / Color / Background Black-white, white or black police style with or without filled label

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Post Sat Dec 18, 2021 3:49 am

Version 1.41 : Some mistake have been fix (Skin default, Install.bat, Uninstall.bat)

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Post Sun Jan 09, 2022 10:08 am

(Version 1.42)
Some modification have been made for fix some bug before the 1.5 version ! (Next month...)
  • Fix inversion between ping-pong & stereo delay in Qi-Rack versions
  • Better reload PiKTrix session in DAW with PiKTrix_Ony_64 (you must just to make the plugin appear for load the sounds)
  • Better image placements (some images did not work well with the mouse)
  • Improvement on Phazer modules in Qi-Rack versions (Stages 2-4-6-8, Phase & resonance)
  • New system of custum_List (_pkt~bank_path.txt desapear, simplification of internal core, complete paths is now on Modules\Custum_List\[Name of Soundbank]~path.txt)
  • Fix bug in Color custumisation on Qi-Rack 64 (new option 'Color Priority' for have the same setting on background color, Color support on keyboard)
  • Pataphysis II presets have been designed on 32 bit versions (ready to play)
  • New controls support by the Fader Morph
  • Omni chord instruments are presents again in the default package

Thanks for your insterest with PiKTrix & Happy New Year :party:

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Post Fri Jan 21, 2022 7:54 am

(Version 1.43)
Just another fix for the 1.4 version (not really new features but fix bugs before the 1.5 versions)
  • Qi-Rack 64 & VST3 : Layers 2 - 3 - 4 now operational (some blunders have been corrected such as pitch, release & Load sounds optimisation). This is related to the fact that only layer 1 was often tested before...
  • The padlock in the lower right corner is no longer used to activate or not the filtodrag controls with the fadermorph but now if you don't want load the sound after a patch change, you must unlock the padlock before change patch. when you close the padlock, it load the sound. This can be used by experienced users to update patches more quickly without loading sounds. (not available in 32 bit versions)
  • Optimization of loading times when patch change (really only loads the necessary sounds, when there is a title in the layer name)
  • In all versions, better dosage of vibrato (Amplitude in OSC Setting and Mod wheel)
  • Patch updated (not all have been tested yet)
  • & Fix a lot of minor bug
I take this opportunity to talk a bit about what I plan to add to version 1.5 of PiKTrix :

First of all, I think to improve the arpeggiator function to be able to manually program each note with or without midi keyboard (10 List of 128 notes in advanced mode mouse clickable), Then, it will be the addition of a Chords module with the setting of several chords that can be recalled at any time by pressing from a choice of several pads coupled to the arpeggiator. This will allow better use of the arpeggiator when performing PiKTrix Qi-Rack in real time to create a love music ecosystem...)

Besides adding new themes and soundbanks, I will offer the user the possibility of instantly adding instruments to the Custum List (by pressing a key when the SD card is disengaged with a choice for Bank & Program Names). And to find them more easily in the Banks Users (Custum List)...

Have fun with it !
Good Night :zzz:

Joan Fourdrignier

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