Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.34 Released!

Official support for:
Plug'n Script


After a couple of previews in the past year, the long-awaited official update for Plug'n Script is finally here, check it out!


What's New
- Extended user interface programming capabilities with KUIML 2.7.4 support (User Interface programming language).
- Scripting engine update, with improved performance.
- Unlimited parameters: for plug-ins developers, you can now configure the number of i/o params and string via a configuration file.
- Offline processing status (non-realtime rendering) is now available from the processBlock function.
- AAX plug-in now reports the recording status (in recent versions of Pro Tools that support it).
- Fixed missing floatToString,intToString and uIntToString functions for dsp scripts on Apple M1.
- AAX Atmos format is now available for exported plug-ins too.
- Graphical user interface refresh performance improvements.
- Improved resampling when the application starts streaming audio as a network server with Connector.
- Fixed a couple of issues with undo/redo.
- Ableton Live 11: Fixed VST3 MIDI input not detected.
- Fixed drag and drop that did not work within a 2 pixels margin at the border of drag source widgets.
- Fixed file drag and drop issues on Mac when using system::filepath applicative type.
- Mac: Fixed negative values not properly sent to DSP when entering them in text box after double clicking on a knob.

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