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Analog Pro
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Analog Pro


Analog Pro brings to life your digital audio by simulating the way Analog hardware such as tape machines, valves and vinyl turntables warm up and saturate your audio. We recreated the imperfections of playing back audio from a Tape or a turntable via the Wow and Flutter controls. Analog Pro has a variety of user adjustable controls including Noise Level, Noise Type, Impulse Type, Impulse Mix, Emphasis, Stereo, Lowcut, Highcut, Wow, Flutter and Amount, giving plenty of scope for the user to adjust the sound to their liking.

Analog Pro sounds great on real instruments such as pianos and brass and can really make your instruments stand out in your mix, sounding like they are being played back from a Tape or Turntable.
Analog Pro comes with an easy to use and resizable interface, use the Amount knob to control how much Analog Pro affects the signal.

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Analog Pro
Reviewed By cyberic
February 23rd, 2021

Lo-fi at a low price when offers are available.

OK for users who like to shape their audio with warble, wow, flutter or degraded tape FX. Analog warmth can also be added or introduced separately. In practical terms there a few adjustments that can be made using onscreen rotary controls. Not everyone will like the sound of this plugin. However, there's quite a choice of similar plugins on the market, some of which are much better in my opinion.

Mac users with pre-2014 machines which don't have Apple Metal graphics support may be disappointed to find tape reel animation doesn't work on their Macs. Also the plugin doesn't currently work in ProTools.

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