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Cobalt Saphira

Harmonic Shaper by Waves
Cobalt Saphira
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Cobalt Saphira

Waves Cobalt Saphira is an advanced harmonics shaping tool that lets you give your mixes analog musicality, depth and "glue" by adding rich harmonics to your tracks and separately shaping the various qualities of the harmonics you are adding.

Waves Cobalt Saphira gives you precise digital control over different aspects of your harmonics:

  • Edge and Warmth – for separately controlling and balancing even and odd harmonics.
  • 4-band EQ – for separately shaping the frequency spectrum of each type of harmonics.
  • Harmonics modes – seven different modes, with graphical representation so you can see the changes in harmonic structure.
  • Tape – five tape speeds for adding wow-and-flutter modulation in order to give your tracks extra musicality and depth.

Cobalt Saphira allows you to inject real depth into your mixes, helping you glue your tracks and turn them into a more musical and cohesive mix. Cobalt Saphira excels on groups and sub-mixes and in mastering situations.


  • Analog harmonic enhancement with full digital control.
  • Edge and Warmth controls – allowing you to balance tube, solid-state and transformer qualities in order to achieve various levels of even and odd harmonic enhancement.
  • 4-Band EQ for separate control of the frequency spectrum of the even (Edge) and odd (Warmth) harmonics.
  • Seven different Harmonics Modes for your tweaking pleasure.
  • Tape depth with five different tape speeds to choose from.
  • Great for "gluing" your sub-groups and master buss.

Cobalt Saphira is the first in the new Cobalt line of Waves plugins, which let you give your tracks analog qualities with a new level of surgical digital control.

Waves Cobalt Saphira Intro: {See video at top of page}

Tips on using Waves Cobalt Saphira: youtu.be/2wegOdDlBWo

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