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Content Creator Audio Toolkit

Content Audio by Waves
Content Creator Audio Toolkit Content Creator Audio Toolkit Content Creator Audio Toolkit Content Creator Audio Toolkit Content Creator Audio Toolkit
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Content Creator Audio Toolkit

Content Creator Audio Toolkit

Bring superior sound quality to your podcasts, videos and live streams. Use the industry's best pro-level tools to solve common audio problems (background noise, lifeless voiceovers, uneven levels) quickly and easily, and meet the loudness standards of all major content platforms.

Poor audio quality is a major reason viewers and listeners abandon videos, podcasts and live streams. Don't treat audio as an afterthought – improve the audio quality of your content with the most popular tools in the industry.

The Waves Content Creator Audio Toolkit includes 4 intuitive plugins that tackle the most common challenges facing content creators today:

NS1 Automatic Noise Suppressor for removing distracting background noise.

Greg Wells VoiceCentric an intuitive, hugely effective tool that combines EQ, compression and de-essing into one smart control, to dramatically improve the quality of voice recordings.

Playlist Rider for automatically smoothing out the levels of multiple audio sources (host, guest, music, etc.) in the same podcast, live stream or video.

WLM Plus Loudness Meter to deliver the right loudness levels for YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other major platforms.

In literally seconds, you can achieve superior audio quality that will drive more engagement for your content – courtesy of Waves' industry-standard plugins, used in major recording and post-production studios all over the globe.


  • Bring superior audio quality to your podcasts, videos, and live streams.
  • 4 easy-to-use pro-level tools for instant results.
  • Compatible with major audio and video editing software.
  • Remove background noise easily & efficiently.
  • Boost & brighten dull voice recordings.
  • Smooth out the levels of multiple sources (host, guests, music) automatically.
  • Meet the loudness standards of major content platforms.
  • Includes presets for voice & music-under-voice.
  • Includes loudness presets for Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music.

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